Tamarind Face Mask: An Easy How- To Guide

Hello my super fantastic, one- of- a- kind readers! Hoping you are all feeling good and ready for this super easy and quick how- to guide. First off…

What is Tamarind?

Tamarind is a fruit. It originates from Mama Africa and is a staple in many kitchens and appetizing recipes, especially where Indian cuisine is concerned. The fruit grows at the tippity top of beautiful trees and is very sweet to the taste. The fruit is packed with nutrients and adding this to ones diet can be a powerful tool in an improved digestive system, weight loss and even protection against many cancers. Ooooh that’s nice!

Why it’s Good for the Skin

When it comes to the skin and hair, these shelled treats work wonders in the same way as they do for our health. They have antioxidants and a slew of vitamins that nourish the skin and leave our largest organ looking bright, fresh, and clear. The vitamins and minerals that are packed within these fruits aid in lightening dark spots, reducing and preventing bags and dark circles under the eye, eliminating cellulite, and soothing skin inflammation. With regular use, tamarind helps us to have youthful skin by firming it and boosting collagen which prevents signs of aging like wrinkles. It is a wonderful moisturizer and toner and with weekly use you’ll see your skin rejuvenated in a really cool and refreshing way.

Where Can I Get Tamarind?

I first heard of tamarind when I was in Liverpool and purchased my first beauty- makers in a shop called Mattas on Bold street. Now that I am living in Thailand I can get these brown delights almost anywhere. No matter where you are living they shouldn’t be too hard to find when you take a trip to a health store, fruit market, or Berkeley Bowl (if you are so lucky to live close to it). In three different places (Liverpool, California, Thailand) it was super easy for me to get my hands on tamarind so I would suggest that you take a trip to a shop that specializes in fruit and find them there waiting for you. If for some reason you still have trouble locating the fruit you can order them here for about $13 on Amazon. You can also get tamarind paste (for about $6) which makes the whole process that much smoother but I like using the fresh fruit for these purposes.

How to Make a Tamarind Face Mask

Now for the easy part. There are tons and tons of recipes that you can create using tamarind as a base or an active ingredient. You can mix it with lemon, turmeric, honey, baking soda… oh you know any of our favorite natural skin ingredients. However, this mask is all tamarind and ridiculously easy to make.

What You Need

  • 1-3 tamarinds
  • boiled water
  • bowl or cup

What to Do

1. Remove the fruit from the shell.

2. Take out all of the vines.

Fruit on the left has the vines removed whilst the other two have been removed from the shell but still have the vines.

3. Stick the fruit in your bowl or cup.

4. Add boiling hot water.

5. Let it sit until the fruit feels soft.

6. Remove the fruit from the water.

7. Take out all of the seeds– should be about 4 or 5 and are big enough for them not to be missed (it will look like…well… some brown mushy… er nastiness! But don’t worry!).

Seeds with the valuable pulp around it, you need to remove the seeds and keep the mush. Looks very very very…gross, but makes our skin look amazing!

8. Use a spoon and mash the pulp as smooth as possible (it’s easier for me to take the seeds with the mushy fruit around it and peel the mush off).

9. Apply the pulpy/creamy mix all over your face. 

10. Sit back and chill for at 15-30 minutes.Take some selfies… why not!

11. Use a towel and rinse it off. It is best to use cold water to close pores but easier to use hot/warm water to remove it.

That’s it Folks

I told you it was super simple! I normally do this once a week and never go a month without adding the unique fruit to my face. Since using this as a face mask my skin looks brighter, is smooth, clear and firm firm firm. I also use the leftover water as a toner/moisturizer and even rinse my hair with it for overall softness and healthiness. I keep the toner refrigerated and change it weekly, it is a very refreshing addition to my face care routine and ensures that I get those daily tamarind nutrients.

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4 comments on “Tamarind Face Mask: An Easy How- To Guide

  1. I live in Canada and while I heard of tamarind I never knew that it was a fruit! It sure doesn’t really look like it especially that it’s brown. I can’t think of brown fruits…except the skin of kiwis.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in mainstream grocery store so this means that I have to take a trip to some alternative health food stores. This seems like a cheaper option than facial masks from Sephora for sure. Thanks for sharing.

    But before I sign off quick question for you: does this soothe acne breakouts? I recently got the worst breakout of my life all over my head, face and chest and back after discovering that my new shampoo and conditioner were culprits.

    1. Vanessa, I am so glad that you asked and let me tell you this unusual looking fruit does soothe acne breakouts and really helps to eliminate it and prevent it from reoccurring. I really hope that it works our for you and if you are not able to find it at a traditional store then you can always get them here. Good luck, let us know how it all works out!x

  2. This is amazing!!! I can’t wait to try! It seems so easy to make and apply. Thank you for sharing. I wonder if they have this at a lucky supermarket.

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