The 3 Best Fitness Video Games- Body Goals Reached Through Dancing Games

Hey handbookers have you had a nice workout today? If yes, then great job! You are working that body as you should. If no, then is it because you are on an off day or could it be because you can’t be bothered?

Let’s face it, we know the glorious benefits that come with regular exercise but sometimes going through the motions don’t seem too appealing in the moment. The best way to get over this, of course, is to simply do it anyway, BUT if you cannot muster up the will to power through, the only way to get the job done is to add the fun element to the equation.

Fitness games are super encouraging because they combine the power F’s: fitness and fun. There are quite a few fitness games out there extending from wii fit to EA Sports Active but my all time favorite in the fitness genre is dance games!

I find that dance fitness games really get my body moving for an intensive full body workout and they are irresistibly fun. I’m moving it, grooving it, cracking up, and having the best time as I sweat sweat sweat. In addition to sweaty fun times, I like working out through consoles because they track goals and give stats that are super helpful on fitness journeys.

I love having varied options for working out on days when I don’t feel like or can’t get to the gym and having fun while effectively working out my body is right up my alley. Remember that with any workout you have to give it your all to see maximum results.

The Three Best Dance Fitness Games

#1 Dance Dance Revolution

Ok so this one might be quite dated and that being said after all its years on the scene it hasn’t really changed much. Compared to some of the other dance options out there, this one might be dubbed as oldschool but the reason it is still around and loved is because it works!

Personally I love DDR and have a blast every time I’m following the illuminated arrows. I even drag the mister into any arcade we see just so we can battle it out to non- English tunes! DDR can be accessed through Nintendo’s Wii, Xbox, and Playstation.

The game comes with a dance mat and it is easy to follow along so long as you are on a level that corresponds with your skill set. Jump up in difficulty and not only will you profusely sweat, but you’ll likely tap out as the combinations are too fast to keep up with– something to work towards!

There are tons of songs to choose from and most of them will be in English with some popular tunes to step to. I like to mat dance for about 45 minutes to an hour. The more you get into it and add your arms, the better the workout will be for your body.

This game is really fun and really effective in burning calories but it does lack the fitness statistics and tracking that I find to be very helpful in other fitness games. Still, its super fun and gets the body moving which is an excellent tool in physical fitness.

#2 Zumba Fitness

If your gym offers zumba and you have partook in any of the classes, you probably love the spicy dance moves as much as you love what it does for your body. Hello fit! In most places zumba isn’t offered daily and hey sometimes we just want to stay home but still keep our fitness regime in tact! This is where this handy game comes into play.

With this game, participants are burning, on average, 369 calories per session and usually have a blast while moving those hips. Zumba Fitness comes with a guide book and all the tools necessary to follow along while playing the game. There are over 30 zumba routines and you can play it on xbox, wii, or playstation and you can even buy the dvds that let you zumba on down without owning any game consoles.

*warning* you will sweat, you will be sore, and you will lose weight! Stick to a 10 day plan as is designated with many zumba fitness workouts and you will see a grand change even if it is only by 5 pounds after the first 10. The workout is intense and though you can choose from different options, it is high energy that will get your entire body in shape.

#3 Dance Central

Best for last? Maybe, handbookers, maybe. From the creators of Guitar Hero and Rock Band comes Dance Central. There are many series within the Dance Central family though the most recent is Dance Central Spotlight. All of them are really fun though they can satisfy different pleasure and fitness requirements.

Spotlight is my favorite out of the four because it offers fitness mode which tracks calories burned. You follow the cue cards on the side of the screen and dance along to your character on screen. When out of sync the screen flashes red for the body parts making the wrong moves and you need to adjust to get the moves right.

The difference between Dance Central and DDR is practice. With DDR I can jump in and go for it based on the arrows, but with dance central repetition and learning the moves is key to mastering the levels. This one requires more skill than DDR but those that use this game regularly note that weight loss and toning go in tandem.

You need Xbox One to play this game and it is a steal in price. The system comes with 10 songs but you can make your own playlist by downloading your favorites for $1.99 each. The 10 songs that are available are usually enough for Dance Central players but the option is there for anyone who wants more.

You can check out all the Dance Central versions and decide which is most fitting for you, so long as you get in front of the tele and shake it, you’ll be dancing into fit times!

The Final Dance Down!!

So, if you are looking for a fun way to get your necessary cardio in then any of these three are superb in working that body while showing you a good time. Which one to choose is up to you and depends on what your ultimate goal is and what your preference is in terms of dancing. They each have wonderful qualities that make them top fun fitness games but because they are all reasonably priced it can be difficult to choose between them. DDR and Zumba fitness are accessible across many consoles and Zumba Fitness can even be followed without a console, but that, of course, lacks the fun elements that accompany gameplay. Although Dance Central can only be used on Xbox one, it is one of the most popular dance fitness games because it is both super fun and effective. Taking care of your body is super important and games like these allow fun for the spirit and fitness for the body.

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10 comments on “The 3 Best Fitness Video Games- Body Goals Reached Through Dancing Games

  1. I enjoyed reading your post on fitness video games, great idea! I love the idea of using games to compliment a workout, makes it more interesting. I would like to say, that me and my wife own one of the old Wii versions of DDR…I can’t remember which one but definitely old school! We like to compete again each other (I normally win), and we definitely get a workout out of it. Thanks for the great reminder of how important it is to keep exercising and have fun while doing it!

    1. Will, that is so cool that you and wife battle out with DDR, my mister and I are exactly the same, though I am the one that normally wins. Thank you for reading, I am really glad that you enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Hey Manika-Nia,
    I have just started getting into the world of fitness and found your post really inspiring. I never thought about the possibility of bringing video games into my workout. I’m not someone who enjoys running, crunches, and bur-pees, but I think I could get behind dancing to stay active. I do own Playstation already so I’ll be looking into substituting a few days of my workout for DDR or Zumba Fitness. Thank you for the helpful tips on how to stay fit without needing a gym.

    1. Jacqueline, if working out is not your forte then you should certainly give one of these games a go!It doesn’t feel like working out when you do it because it is so much fun! Good luck with your fitness journey 🙂

  3. Hey Manika
    This is an excellent article and is a great way of getting in a little extra (fun) cardio that I hadn’t thought of before. It is definitely something that I know my children will really love as well, so we’ll be able to make it super competitive, which should help with burning the calories!

  4. Yeah! It is really hard to workout without some form of entertainment. Especially, nowadays, as we have been hit with a pandemic, we can’t even Exercise/run outside. The only thing left is a home treadmill or some cardio exercises.

  5. Man i miss those Dance Central days…i need to get a new game I lost mine a year or two ago 🙁 It’s super fun and was actually a part of my weekly exercise routine for a year or two lol. It was a joke in my house that I took dance time very seriously…thanks for bringing back those memories!

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