The 6 Best Natural Hair Products for Curls and the Best Curly Method

Hey Beauties,

Here is the ultimate in fab news:

Lately there has been an upsurge in conscious  individuals who seriously care about what they put in their hair.

What’s more, is that this concern is shared by stylists and product- makers alike, meaning that so many hair products on the market today can boast of silicone- free, paraben- free, paraffin- free, sulfate- free ingredients.

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For curly girls, this is everything! Our hair is delicate and when we use products with such heavy ingredients, it damages our hair and weighs down our curls. This is why we need the right products.

Which Products to Use?

But with so many out there how do we decide among them?

When I first began my natural hair journey, I watched video after video on youtube of who I like to call, hair goddesses, doing a wash n go or else a review of their favorite products to use…

AND I was overwhelmed! So many different sources used different products and different methods. Which would be the right combo for me? I couldn’t be sure, so I did what any reasonable woman would do in that situation, I bought every single product that I had watched or read about. Duh!

Three months later...

However I would not recommend venturing this far, because yo’ partner might then turn around and say you have a hair-product addiction.. pffft men! BUT I will recommend the natural products that gave me the best results.

What’s your Curl Type?

Let me first urge you to discern your curl type. (mine is 3a/3b)

  • 2B – Loose Wavy
  • 2C – Wavy with Curls
  • 3A – Curly With Loops
  • 3B – Curly With Spirals
  • 3C – Curly With Coils
  • 4A – Coiled with Spring
  • 4B – Tightly Coiled
  • 4C – Tightly Coiled/ Zig-Zag

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Best Curly Girl Method

Got it? Great. Now let me tell you the method that I find to be superior to all others that I have tried. That is the Curly Girl Method created by Lorraine Massey. If you have not heard about all of the waves that she has been making in the curly world, I urge you to look her up and read her book Curly Girl: The Handbook, it will transform your understanding of your own curls. Here is a link to a video where she thoroughly and simply explains the 3- step care of curls. Read my review here!

No Curl gets left Behind!

Now, the method involves cleansing the hair (I use Apple Cider Vinegar as a cleanser most weeks), then co-washing it by applying a generous amount of conditioner.(I finger comb while the conditioner is in)

While the conditioner is in and while the hair is flipped over I scrunch, allowing the milky conditioner to drip down my hand a bit.

I personally leave the conditioner in so that it hydrates my full head until my next wash a week later but others rinse the conditioner out– it depends on you! I scrunch with the conditioner in then use a cream followed by a gel or jelly.

My head is flipped over and I scrunch again after the products are all in, but this time with a cotton t-shirt (not a regular towel as it adds to frizz!!). This removes excess water and excess product and after I flip my head back to normal, I let it air dry or diffuse it (mostly air dry) then it is all set for a full week.

The next day the hair looks even better, it is voluminous, fluffy, soft and super defined.

Day 4 Boucleme
Day 4 Boucleme

Ok we have the method down, but what products do we use to achieve this coveted look?! I mentioned before that I bought an arsenal-full and now without further ado, here are what I have found to be top tings!

THE 6 Best Natural Hair Products for Curly Hair

  • Deva curl. If you have been logged into the curly world for a while you will know that so many curlies swear by this line for a multitude of reasons. it was created by Lorraine Massey herself, smells incredible, has oh-so-nice ingredients (UPDATE: this line has proven to be problematic for those who wear it regularly) and really does a beautiful number on curls. I use the DevaCurl Supercream after co- scrunching (scrunching with conditioner in) then follow with the DevaCurl Light Defining Gel My hair lasts all week with bouncy definition and really shines. The Deva line is a bit expensive, but I think it is well worth it, and you can try out the devacurl kit for just under $25 order here 

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  • Shea Moisture. Oh yes this line is up there! In the memory of their grandmother, the makers of this product use natural ingredients that are healthy for the hair and these products truly understand the CurlGirl. I have tried the Strengthen, Grow and Restore Styling Lotion, Curl and Style Milk, Curling Gel Souffle, Extra- Moisture Detangler, Strengthen and Restore Leave- In Conditioner, Weightless Texture Spray, and Curl Enhancing Smoothie. They complement one another well but my favorite way to use the line is to use the smoothie and curl and style milk after co- scrunching then following with the gel souffle and scrunching with a cotton t-shirt and then spritzing with the weightless texture spray. My hair smells so nice, has a lovely bounce, is fluffy and defined. The Shea Moisture products are quite affordable and can mostly be found in hair shops and even local drugstores but the products that cannot be found in person can easily be ordered here.

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  • Boucleme. This line is also amazing. What I like about it, is it is a very simple line with only a Hydrating Hair Cleanser, Curl Cleanser, Curl Conditioner, Curl Defining Gel, Curl Cream, and Micro Fiber Towel. I have tried every product on the line except for the towel (I’m happy with my t-shirt). This is probably one of the most gorgeous smelling products I have ever used. I use the cleanser followed by the conditioner, do the co-scrunch, then use the cream followed by the gel and scrunch it out with my t-shirt. The curls are frizz free, defined and last for about 5 days before losing a bit of moisture. Boucleme can be quite expensive if ordering online from anywhere outside of the UK ($50+) but if within the UK you are in luck! Especially if you live in London (under $20).
  • Eco Styler. Love this line! I have only tried the cream and the gels but each are as lovely as the last. The ingredients might not quite match the pedigree as some of the other products on the list but they work well nonetheless and are of course free from the no-no’s that we want to live without. I follow the same method as the others and use the Curl N Styling Cocktail followed by either the Argan Oil Gel or the Eco Styler Krystal Styling Gel. These gels are a bit stronger than the others and can have more of a crunch so I like to really remove the excess when scrunching with a t-shirt so that I can maintain softness throughout the week. Talk about affordable! Eco styler is the least costing on this list (less than $10)! What more could a girl want. Get yours here.

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  • As I am. Oh As I Am! This is marketed for type 4 hair and though I fall in the type 3 category I can’t get enough of the Coil Defining Jelly It smells so good and gives a great hold without weighing my hair down or giving it that gel/wet look. I have only tried the jelly but have heard tale that the other products on the line are just as great. ($10- 15) Check out my post where I do a full review on this product here
  • Kinky- Curly. I have only used the Curling Custard and it is fab on fab. The ingredients are the kind that make you feel good when using the product, it smells nice, gives a good hold and keeps my curls soft. I usually use this product on its own after co-scrunching. (under $20)

Last Words

There you have it my CurlyBeauties, the best 6 natural hair products for curly hair. Was your favorite missing from the list? Make sure to share your healthy hair secrets and get involved in the happy hair discussions!

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15 comments on “The 6 Best Natural Hair Products for Curls and the Best Curly Method

  1. Oh man! This would have been so helpful a couple years ago, however I ended up getting dreadlocks to control the crazy, which I LOVE… my hair is very coarse and thick and kinky curly. Sometimes I miss my big messy curls though. I love that this will help curly girls get their curl on in a more natural way instead of just bunnin’ it up like I did.

  2. This information is very helpful because I’m a male with two daughters under the ages of 12 years old. I still have a lot of studying to do, but you have given me a lot of new information. It sounds to me like you have an enough experience to speculate of the better natural products for curly hair, so I’m going to take your advice. You obviously have done your research and knew way more than I do.

    You the best thing about your website is that you provide personal information you just cannot accept for the product owner. Why? They just want to sell their product. However, when someone like yourself goes through the experience and gains a better understanding of the differences of these products you make our lives easier. I really appreciate your information on this topic, thank you.

    1. hi Rodric, thanks so much for your comment, means the world! I’m glad that I can be of any help to you and your girls, and you are right, when someone gives their experience on products or makes it so much easier for the rest of us. Let me know if there is any help I cangive for yor girls 🙂

  3. Oh man! This would have been so helpful a couple years ago, however I ended up getting dreadlocks to control the crazy, which I LOVE… my hair is very coarse and thick and kinky curly. Sometimes I miss my big messy curls though. I love that this will help curly girls get their curl on in a more natural way instead of just bunnin’ it up like I did.

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for the comment :). I bet your dreads look amazing! Do you find it more manageable since you have your locks? And also do you have any special products that you like to use on your hair

  4. Now this post peaked my interest as I have ridiculously curly hair. I like the idea that the Deva Curl tames the frizziness. So many choices! I find that my hair gets very dry so I don’t use shampoo on it everyday. I think I like the Boucleme product line the best. This is definitely something I am going to try. I search and search for the best hydrating products, and have yet to find one. This might be it for me!

    1. Hello fellow curly! Thanks for the comment and yes I definitely have struggled with the hydration of my own hair and think that boucleme is a great choice. It smells beyond incredible, please let me know how either that or deva curl works for you, they have really helped my curl journey :

  5. This is amazing!!! I loved reading this!! Sometimes I don’t know what to do with my hair and my daughters hair! But I am going to try a lot of the things that you mentioned!! I’m excited to try these new things!!!

    1. Yes hair is a tough one! Especially when you have you and your little one to look after. The best part of a hair journey, in my opinion, is that after you look after it for a certain amount of time, it begins to look after itself! Then all you need is a few touch ups.

  6. I have been searching for the right hair product for about two months. I feel as hough I am becoming a hair product junkie and need the perfect product for my hair type. After reading this article I made the decision that I am going out to purchase a few products listed in this article, especially the curl enhancing smoothie! Thank you for sharing your secret 🙂 !

    1. Hi Kiana,
      Yes I have been there too!! The hair journey can be a struggle but with persistence we can all make it! Definitely try the Curly Girl method, I think that it is really special. At first I was weary about putting gel in my hair because I thought that it just makes hair crunchy and horrible but after applying the method, I see how it gives a great hold and the hard ringlets don’t exist after day 2. Try As I Am, if you’re able they are a “wow” in my book! Thanks again for the comment and please come back and share your results!

  7. Great info here. I don´t have long hair but I had once few years ago. This article will be very helpful for my girlfriend. You described very well each product and your hair is very beautiful.
    Thank you.

  8. Great Info. especially if one has problems with their hair. I’ll show it to my wife, she has tendency to have very dry hair. Always using a conditioner. I didn’t particularly like the opening picture. I take it you are an affiliate for all of these products on Amazon. Good use of visuals.

    1. Hi Mick, thanks for the comment. Yes this post can be very helpful for those who are looking for a method for their hair (more specifically curly hair) and thank you about the visuals, they are from Amazon 🙂

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