The Best at- Home Gym Equipment for Every Budget- Must Haves for a Super Fit Body!

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Hope your day is going super fantastic and hope you are also ready for this stellar list of the best gym equipment you can use from the comforts of your own home.

If you are anything like me then the tedium of going to the gym on a regular basis can sometimes be a nuisance! It isn’t that I don’t love the gym or that I don’t get fantastic results from going at least 5 times a week, its just well I’m one of those “if you can do it at home…” kind of people (taking homebody to the extreme!).

I have been going to the gym steadily for 4 years now but the time I spend in my own at- home gym yield the same results (if not better because I don’t have to leave the house!) and if you are someone who wants to create your very own home- gym then these brilliant machines and equipment will take you there… on the cheap as well!

Best At- Home Gym Equipment

Bosu Balance Trainer

What a gem! When I first began using this I was quite off and couldn’t quite get my balance. However after that first uncoordinated time, the trainer ⇑ and I became one and my precious thighs, bum, and abs were proof of the brilliance of this work- out tool.

This is said to combine the elements of fitness cardiovascular and toning and there are literally tons of exercises you can do with this cool looking apparatus. Those who are fitness- aware understand how balance transforms the body and hey balance is in the name!

This is very easy to store in your home so as not to look like a gaudy something in the middle of the living room. You can turn it on its side out of the way or even leave it out, it looks cool – just don’t let little ones bounce/jump on it like its a trampoline! Preserve this baby for that body!

You can get it for between $75-100 on >Amazon<

Medicine ball

You can’t really have an at- home gym without this beauty! And why should you? It is super cheap to own one and the possibilities are literally endless. This round joy helps in the development of core strength, balance and coordination.

I love using this ball for both upper body and lower body and my arms really tone even just by semi- tossing it up and down repeatedly whilst working out. You can get a regular ball or one with handles, though I prefer the ones without. This can be stored even easier than the Bosu Balance Trainer because hey its about the size of a basketball (but much heavier).

You can get it between $10-30 on >Amazon< (note: the heavier the ball the higher the expense).


Bum joy!! Booty glory! These bells are made of cast iron and they are heavy, sturdy pieces of equipment. It is best to have two so you can have varied workouts but I very successfully use one for my workout endeavors. I love to use the kettlebells for my core and for squats and can feel it in my glutes something incredible. For an at- home workout these are perfect pieces of equipment to have because you can use them for many exercises and store them without hassle.

I like ⇑these⇑ as you can alter the weights but it is still compact! On Amazon they run for anything from $15-70 depending on brand and weights. These here are $21 and are the same as the picture above.

Resistance Bands

Ooooh me so firmy ooooh oooh me so firmy! If you’ve been on any social media platforms for the past year (and follow any fitness- lovers) then you will have seen these stretchy but firm bands.

The best ones are 100% latex and are great for newbies and for veterans of the work out world. You can literally use these with any workout plan that you have and the added resistance will help to sculpt your body just as you want.

You can squat with them around your ankles whilst using your kettlebell. Try a glute bridge raises with the bands around your knees whilst holding your medicine ball on your pelvis. Try a lunge on your Bosu with the bands around both ankles.

There are tons of exercises that can be done with these bands and that tension gives our muscles something to work against, making them that much stronger.

Super cheap to buy and most of them come with a lifetime guarantee. Of all that’s on the list so far these are the easiest to store. Whether you have a designated room for working out in your home or want to be more discreet, these bands fit the bill.

You can get them for about $10-20 on >Amazon< for 5+ bands (it costs more for more bands but you only need a few)

Workout Mat

Maybe this is not equipment per se, but it is fundamental! Once you use a mat, you understand why not to go without one! I love to do yoga and plenty of other exercises that require me to be on the floor. Blankets, towels, carpet or simply floor does not cut it the way a workout mat does. Invest in this for your at home gym and you will see more opportunities in your exercises and more comfort while you do them.

These can be purchased for upwards of $10 at a sports store or online at ebay or Amazon. You can choose one here.

Stamina in- Motion Trainer

This literally may be one of the best under $100 machines there is available. No joke the dopest trainer I ever scoped. It is not some massive machine that becomes a center piece in the room, oh no, this is compact and for that is perfect for those who want that extra cardio without hogging up their precious space. It tracks time, strides, and calories burned and you have options (like arm motions) depending on how much you want to pay. The basic one you can get for under $70 on Amazon here and that one does the job, especially according to its high- star rating on amazon. This machine is perfect for anyone who wants a cardio machine for a fraction of the price and that is also compact.

Ankle Weights

I love these to work my inner and outer thighs and also for arm workouts. When I do not have access to a gym with an abduction/aduction machine (inner/outer thighs) these weights are tried and true. Make sure you get the ones that have velcro instead of ones with a buckle otherwise they have a tendency to fall off and are more hassle than not. I like a nice secure weight that properly fastens so I can go about my exercise without any problems.

They cost anywhere upwards of $12 but remember to choose quality otherwise they are a nuisance. I like these.

Punching Bag

If you can harbor this baby somewhere in your home then get it. Seriously. Not only does it transform the body with regular use, having a real- life punching bag helps to relieve stress while its toning the body and burning fat. There isn’t always space for this heavy bag but if you have designated space, this is the ultimate in an at- home gym.

Choose your product wisely, though, choosing quality is your best bet here as it will last you much longer if you do. The top rated punching bag (under $100) on Amazon is Everlast and you can get a 70 pound bag for about $60- 70… another under $100! As we like 😉

Elliptical Machine

If you want a more serious machine for a more serious body then the “never- lets- you- down” elliptical machine is the way to go. Working the full body on out, this machine has everything covered for a complete cardio fix. The good news as well is there are great ones within all of our budgets! The lower the cost, the more simple the system but so long as it fits your needs any of the ones below are a great choice.

Top Machine Under $100

Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical

Top Machine Under $600

Nautilus E614 Elliptical

Top Machine Under $1000

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Top Machine $1000+

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

Before purchasing any Elliptical machine make sure you are clear on delivery and how the machine will come (whole or in parts).

Nordic Track

I’m ending with this one because it truly was revolutionary in my at home gym. This machine is old school and was once used by skiers to train so you can be sure that it does the body good.. ski good!

I would be on this for less than 10 minutes and sweat would be pouring from me. I was probably the most fit in my life when this machine was in my home (it belonged to my old roomie) and if you have the space for it I would certainly give it a go.

It is quite big and bulky and so unless you are comfy with it sitting out or have a place out of the way to store it, I would keep its size and shape in mind. These machines are quite cheap for what they are and can give your body unbelievable results for a fraction of what other top machines can offer.

Having this old thang in my living room made it impossible for me not to hop on 6 days a week which enabled me to reach my fitness goals and then some. It goes for about $300 on Amazon + shipping.

Nordic track work out days

Final Thoughts

An at- home gym is the easiest thing to build so long as you know the proper equipment to add to your arsenal. For motivation to stay on track I like to have at least one cardio machine at home along with bands and weights to get the full body experience. It’s awesome to be able to fully take care of your physical body within the comforts of your own home, and these are the best tools to have the perfect at- home gym. When a gym membership is not on the cards and finding somewhere to regularly workout is a hassle, an at- home gym is a brilliant solution to give your body what it needs to stay healthy and fit! Happy days!

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10 comments on “The Best at- Home Gym Equipment for Every Budget- Must Haves for a Super Fit Body!

  1. Wow we really can have a gym in our house without breaking the bank and needing too much space. What you recomment really makes a whole body workout and we can save the trip to the gym when the weather is bad. Great recommendations !!

    1. Thanks so much for the read and for the comment! Yes I love having all the equipment I need to stay in the house if I really want to. It’s so easy to make and saves a trip when its bad weather or when in a crunch 😉

  2. Great article per usual Manika. I honestly had no idea you could buy an elliptical at such an affordable price. I had always just assumed it was way too expensive to even consider having one around the house. I had always seen them at a base cost of like $1000 and said NO WAY. Appreciate the in depth information! Keep it up with the great articles.

    1. Hey Craig, no problem! The elliptical under $100 is a high rated one as well and while it may not have all the bells and whistles as some of the higher end ones, it quite literally gets the job done! I am so happy you came back to read!x

  3. These are fantastic recommendations for simple and cost-effective home gym equipment. I’m also thankful that you have links to the equipment right here in your post. I don’t have to spend hours searching for the best deal out there. Thank you!

    1. Hi Doug, wow thanks so much! No worries at all, that is what I am here for 😉 it helps to have a variation and to understand that we can have the necessary tools to work our body on the cheap!

  4. Love this website! There’s so many products to choose from and you’re very thorough and honest in your reviews, so thank you for that! I’ve been looking for different ways to lose weight, so I may be needing to start my own collection of at-home gym items soon!

    1. Hi Shauna, no problem at all! Thank you so much for your comment and reading :). Also if you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight, then aside from working out regularly, a healthy diet will take you there! I have written previously about how to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle, I will provide it here.

  5. Thank you for all your information!!! Great article! I love working out at home. So far I have an elliptical, ankle weights and the yoga mat. I will definitely try to get the other products that you mentioned!!!

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