The Best Daily Beauty Routine-Easy Personal Grooming for Natural- Loving Women


Let’s take a shot of water and get down to business! In my day-to-day I’m often asked questions like how do you keep your skin clear? What are the best ways to have healthy hair? How do you maintain white teeth? How can I feel more beautiful on a daily basis when I work from home? How can I stay trim when I’m so busy throughout the week? How can I get enough water throughout the day?! 2 Litres is a lot!

The answer is consistency! It only takes a regular routine for all of our natural beauty dreams to become a reality.

Think about it this way. A beloved car. When someone really loves their machine on wheels they take it to get detailed often, give it car washes, waxes, clean the interior and make sure it has that mmmm smell. And they don’t just do this once in a while, either, they do it consistently… and it shows!

It’s the same with a beautiful garden. What makes that garden the wonderful, bountiful vegetation that it is? Care! But consistent care. The carer of the garden must prune what needs pruning, plant what needs planting, give water, make sure the plants get light, fresh soil etc. Beautiful garden’s need love to be their best self and so do you!

Health is Always Beautiful

It isn’t enough to work out 5x out of a month and moan (complain) about not seeing any results. It also isn’t enough to do some beauty fix right before a special occasion in the hopes that you’ll become blemish- free, have soft/glowing skin, have whiter teeth, healthy nails, and whatever else overnight. You must get into a beauty routine that is easy for you to follow and keep it consistent to be the best version of yourself. Lifestyle, babies! It’s all about lifestyle.

Good grooming and consistent care has little to do with vanity but all to do with how you look after yourself, how you maintain your metaphorical garden. The good news is, its so easy to do and once you get into a daily beauty routine you will literally witness your natural beauty shine through. That’s healthy and health is always beautiful!

Right so below you’ll find my personal beauty routine. These are natural beauty tips that keep me healthy and help me to feel good every day. They help me to maintain a youthful look and I love keeping up with this beauty regime because I feel like I am servicing myself in such a beneficial manner. Taking care of my vehicle inside and out simply feels amazing and no matter how hectic my days get I think of these as an integral part of my life. If I have more on my plate than usual I maneuver around it with the knowledge that the beauty routine is part of my days, and everything else must fit in with that in mind.

Now we all must determine what fit’s best for us, what we need, and when we can do it, but below is the best beauty and care routine that I have found broken up in daily, weekly, and monthly sections.

Best Beauty Routine

Daily (Seven Times a Week)

1. 2 Litres of Water. To make drinking all of this easier for me I drink a full canteen that is 750ml when I wake up. Another full one after working out and one after dinner. I like to drink fruit- infused water to make it more fun.

2. Brush Twice Daily. I know to many of you this sounds like a no brainer but I was one of those kids who was not raised with the knowledge to brush twice daily :#. I remember being 10 years old at a dentist appointment and the dentist asked and how many times do we brush? to which I enthusiastically replied once a day! while at the same time he echoed twice a day. It was mortifying. I still didn’t commit to brushing twice a day (laziness and not picking up the habit) until I truly began to care about my teeth and the health of my mouth. Now I brush once when I wake and once after I have dinner with a natural toothpaste.

3. Oil Pull. I swish some coconut oil in my mouth after brushing every day and really love how I feel afterwards. Continuing to do this allows my breath to stay fresh and my teeth to stay white.

4. Rose Water on Face. This is my secret for maintaining glowing healthy skin on a daily basis. Pure rosewater is extremely beneficial to the skin, it smells amazing and gives a discernible glow. I pour it onto a cotton pad and rub it over my entire face shortly after exiting the shower. I also use the same rosewater-ed cotton pad to clean both ears on the outside and in once I am finished using it on my face. This ensures that my face and ears are clean, fresh, and smelling lovely.

5. Moisturize Face. Shea butter is regenerative for the skin and so does away with unsightly wrinkles and dry skin. After removing any makeup that I have on for the day I massage natural shea butter onto my face, including under my eyelids before I hit the hay. I wake up looking really refreshed.

6. Breast Massage. If genetics has any say in breast size than I’m hoping to reach my mumma’s level one day (or at least reach a C- cup!). I had heard tale that massaging the breasts encourages their growth which is why I adopted a daily breast massage. However, I will say that breast massages are beneficial for more important reasons than breast growth and this is why incorporating it regularly is important. Breast massages clear toxins, help to maintain shape, and the best reason is that a regular breast massage let’s you know your knockers meaning you will know if something is amiss straight away. I use coconut oil and shea butter to massage my breasts every night before bed after my face massage (I will be making my own fenugreek/fennel massage oil to encourage growth and will update once I do).

7. Jamaican Black Castor Oil for the Lashes. I watched a video on youtube where a beautifully lashed guru applied JBC to her brows and lashes for growth and since then embarked on doing the same for my own. I use a spooly with some shea butter on it and pour the JBC on it before applying it to my lashes. I put this on when I wake up, and allow it time to sink in before rinsing it off in the shower.

8. Make Myself Look (meaning feel) Pretty. This one is super important because I work from home. I hardly need to leave the house if I don’t need (want) to and also love to be comfortable.. all the time. That being said its all too easy to literally wear whatever as I am hammering away on my laptop. But in all honesty it doesn’t feel good bumming around (especially when I have videos to make for my lovely readers). No matter if I am in all day or going out on the town I like to make myself look good because it makes me feel good. After showering I choose one of my designated outfits⇓, do my eyebrows, put some blush on, maybe some lipstick, make sure my hair looks nice (refresh my curls if need be⇓) then I feel like I’m ready for whatever.. or even nothing hehe.

9. Vitamins. It’s easy to keep up with supplements when it is part of my regular routine. After yoga each day and after eating my tasty apple I’m drinking my water and having my multivitamin, biotin, omega 3, b12, folic acid, vitamin e, and sometimes vitamin c. Healthy on the inside shows up on the outside.

Five Times a Week

1. Yoga. This is something that makes me look good on the outside but feel good on the inside. I complete this every morning before starting my day. I like to do yoga with Adrienne for free on YouTube and you can do a tough one that is only 20 minutes in duration, so its easy to fit into any schedule.

2. Workout. In addition to yoga I include another 10 minutes of exercise alternating between upper body, core, and lower on different days of the week.

Twice a Week

1. Refresh My Curls. I do this when my curls need them. No point going between washes with frizzy hair. When I am making myself look nice for the day I refresh the curls that need them. See my previous post for a detailed how- to.

Weekly (Once a Week)

1. Face Mask. For a refreshing glow and to ensure that I am blemish free, have ultimate softness, and have healthy skin I give myself a face mask every single week on Friday. I either mix an egg with yogurt, olive oil and honey and leave this on for up to an hour or do a tamarind face mask.

2. Choose Outfits. I dislike the feeling of having nothing to wear and also don’t like having tons of clothes and never wearing them. Choosing outfits for the week allows me to get acquainted with my wardrobe and alternate between the clothes that I have. I look at the weather for the week and choose some outfits accordingly and as the week progresses I just choose from the ones that I pre-selected on Sunday. It makes my days go so much smoother.

3. Manicure and Pedicure. I used to do my nails religiously on a Sunday. Mani/Pedi and a new color every week! I do not wear nail polish anymore (too toxic) but still every Sunday I cater to my fingers and toes with a manicure and pedicure. I use a cuticle remover, then a cuticle pusher to push the cuticles down, and follow up with a cuticle clipper to clip away the extra cuticles. I clip, file, buff, use a homemade nail oil then finish off with a foot and hand massage with shea butter.

4. Wash Hair. Every Friday is my hair day and I love looking after my locks. My method to do so is here and thanks to it my hair has never been in better shape. I never ever slack on this important step!

5. Shave Legs/Under Arms. I use coconut oil as a shaving cream and do this every single Friday.


1. Hair Mask. For a deep conditioning I use a natural hair mask. Check out my post here to see how its done.

Final Thoughts

My very precious women, looking after yourself is very important and so long as you understand the value of doing so, you can follow a simple beauty routine regularly to bring out your natural beauty. Our physical vehicle is the only one that we have and it is imperative that we take care of it while we are here! A consistent routine ensures that we know our bodies and thus are better equipped to service it. Remember to follow a healthy lifestyle in how you think, what you eat, who you allow in your world, and of course how you take care of your body.

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8 comments on “The Best Daily Beauty Routine-Easy Personal Grooming for Natural- Loving Women

  1. Wow! I really should be doing a lot more for my skin :(. I’m really slacking in the beauty care and you inspired me to do a better job! I do brush my teeth and get my 2 liters of water in but sadly thats about it! Thanks for all of these good types along with how often you use them. That will help me gauge how often I should start using these new products. Thanks!

    1. Hi Bailey, you are so very welcome! I know loads of my loved ones who are in the same boat, but this is why I wrote this post, to help inspire anyone who might be “slacking” to look after their natural beauty a little better. It doesn’t feel like too much once we adopt it as a lifestyle. I really hope this helped, let me know if there’s anymore I can do!x

  2. Hi Manika-Nia,
    Great site! I like how you’ve fused naturalness with “mind.body.spirit.” Although I don’t fit your normal audience, I do feel it aligns nicely with my own interests and focus. I really like how you have integrated fitness into natural beauty. It is so important!
    All the best,
    Rick C.

    1. Hi Rick, you certainly fit in with us here! Anyone who is into looking after their mind, body, and spirit with natural means is my normal audience! Thank you so much for reading and for leaving your comment 🙂

  3. Love these tips! I’m a big fan of yoga with Adrienne too, she’s just so chill and relaxing to follow along with. Also coconut oil and rosehip oil and just about any other kind of good oil. I ditched a lot of face (and hair) products a couple of years ago in favour of using oils instead. I just like that they’re ONE ingredient, nothing added and the bonus is that my skin stays fantastic all the time. Thanks for sharing your routines with us!

    1. Hi Shirley 🙂 thanks so much for reading and yes Adrienne is brilliant, and free… what more could one want! I love pure oils and essential oils as well because of their purity. It seems like you have it down on taking care of your own skin and I love that!x

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your daily routine! I will take some of your tips from here and I really would like to try washing my mouth with coconut oil… But won’t it taste horrible??

    1. Paulina, it tastes just fine! I don’t swallow it or anything (though it is more than ok if you do!) but it tastes fine and feels really good each time that I swish with it. Give it a try and please let me know how you feel about it!

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