The Best Natural Breast Enlargement Program?!| Introducing New Growth

Hi dears!,

Sooooo here it is in chronological order

  1. I was perusing an NBE forum when a post about this all natural breast enhancement program that would complement the Noogleberry jumped out at me
  2. Out of curiosity and intrigue I clicked the link provided
  3. My mind was blown

Truly. I was in a state of wonderment, excitement, and hope for my  second boobie breakthrough.

What is the New Growth Program?

New Growth is a program created by Naturo-therapist, Eric Duchaine. It offers a 100% natural breast augmentation method achieved within the comfort of ones own home… ummm yes please!

The program combines eastern medicine with homeopath, audio visualization, massage, and natural supplements.

What’s more, though, is that this program specifically focuses on the health of women and only aids Mother Nature in continuing the work she set out to do during puberty.

Depending on body type and family genetics, this program can help one gain 1 to 3 cup sizes and the New Growth website states, “this is the only program that allows you to restart the growth of your breasts.”

Soooo for flat-chested women, mothers whose breasts have been depleted, and for women like me–with one breast noticeably smaller than the other, the program will sort us out.

It works by enabling our bodies to produce everything we need to get in that state we were in during puberty. Thus allowing our breasts to finish their natural growth path and to become proportionate to our frame– the way our hands and feet are.

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How Long Does it Take?

In speaking to Eric he let me know that I should expect to see growth at the 8-week mark.

How Long do I have to Use it?

The program is a 16-week program.

How Often do I have to Use it?

This is an every day ting! For around 30 minutes a day.

Is it Permanent?

Oh yes. After completing New Growth, Eric assures that it will not need to be repeated and that growth achieved = growth retained.

Are there any Side Effects?

Luckily for us the answer to this is no. From the many clients of the clinic who have used the program, reported side effects are pretty nonexistent. Even in the FAQ section there are not any questions about experienced side effects… another yessssh please.

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Will it Work for Me?

This program is said to be 100% effective for all women BUT just remember that it works to finish Mother Nature’s work, meaning that it will not get you more than what you would naturally attain– look at the bust of your mother, aunties and sisters to determine.

Abnormally small breasts and wonky breasts alike occur when the growth process was halted due to one or more of  3 factors.

  1. Insufficient presence of hormones and vitamins
  2. Emotional or mental blockage
  3. An abnormal/irregular flow of the vital energy that the Chinese call chi

Sooooo if your growth was stunted for any of those reasons this system will work for you!

Can I Use it with my Natural Breast Pump?

You can! Annnnnd many have found great results in pairing with  systems like the Noogleberry or Bosom Beauty.

*NB discount code is NHL10 through this link and BB discount code is ManikaNia through this one

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Is it Easy?

I am not gonna lie to you lades, it takes dedication and no half-assing, similar to the NB and BB!

These are our #boobiedreams and if we want them to come true it means that we follow this in a ritualistic way meaning no skipping days! Some might find this challenging but hey nobody said NBE was easy!

What does the Program Come with and what do I have to Do?

Check out my video to see me unbox it and explain

How Much?

$530US but when you click my link you get a discount ;)–I got you sis!

Where to Buy

Directly from the site BUT you only get the discount through the link, if you happen to buy directly from the site, get in touch with me and I will see if the discount can be applied for you :).

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My Thoughts ?

I am beyond excited for this program ?.

Top= Before NG Bottom= After 1st week

At the date of writing this post I am on my second week and will be updating at every +4-week interval.

I had major growth through pumping with my Noogleberry and Bosom Beauty but I still wanted (and want) roundness and evenness and was looking for something that could propel me forward in those areas.

Though I would love to reach a 43″ bust size!– I am between 38 and 39″ currently, really I just want Zena to look as full as ZoraAnabelle, and once that happens I want the girls to be as round as they want to be!

Circles rather than triangles, if you know what I mean, and I am hoping that that was Mumma Nature’s original intent for me all along.

Here’s to NG helping me attain my second BoobieBreakthrough and being the best breast enhancement program there is! Let’s seeeeee ;).

My New Growth Journey

I will be documenting my NG journey here on my site as well as on my Youtube channel. Make sure to subscribe to both so you don’t miss the updates! As always please pray for our girls #ZenaandZoraAnabelle, massage your ladies, and keep manifesting your #boobiegoals!

  • What are your first thoughts on the New Growth Program?
  • Join me on this NG Journey by getting your own program here
  • Take care of your circle: mind, body and spirit!
  • Love ya!?

6 comments on “The Best Natural Breast Enlargement Program?!| Introducing New Growth

      1. Hi manika,I can’t private email you, i just started the new growth program, how do I do the breast message, can I do it wrong that will stop my breast growth, because I have used other Products and it dint work, I’m so scared that I will do something wrong that It will not work,

        1. Hi my dear, my email is if you want to email me in private. If you prefer on comments just let me know and I will respond back here :). Just to say though, that no you can’t do it wrong, so long as you don’t harm yourself, you are fine! Unfortunately, though, natural breast enhancement doesn’t seem guaranteed for all and I think New Growth works best for women who have had their breasts depleted. What is your situration?

          1. My breast started to grow during puberty and then stop they never develop
            even in my pregnancies they didn’t grow so I really hope this works for me

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