The Bodacious Benefits of Fruit Water- It is Almost Unbelievable!

Hey precious people,

I hope your day has been going incredible so far. Very often when I write a post, I include the call to action to take a shot of water and this, of course, is because we need to be drinking at least 2 liters of water on a daily basis! Unfortunately, for many of us it is not the easiest thing to do because, hey, it is a lot. I struggle with drinking this much and though water is the only beverage that I consume (aside from homemade green drinks), I find that I am not very thirsty throughout the day which means I have to get creative to get that good water in me!

In the winter I like to have a piping hot cup of water with lemon in it throughout the day, but in the summer (and all the other seasons) I have even more fun with my fruit infused water.

What is Fruit Infused Water?

Well it quite simply and literally is exactly what it sounds like. Also called fruit water, fruit flavored water or detox water, fruit infused water is just drinking water with fruit in it! And the health benefits of drinking fruit infused water are almost unbelievable.

The Health Benefits of Fruit Infused Water

  • You get major nutrients because the precious nutrients that make up fruit leak into the water! That means all the antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients are going straight to our body
  • This also helps the skin to maintain its youthful appearance, slowing the aging process and reversing wrinkles
  • Consistent consumption of fruit water wards off nasty diseases especially when we choose fruits that are heavy laden with that good good vitamin C- hello oranges!
  • We know that water fills us up, but drinking water that has been infused with fruit is known to suppress appetites meaning we stay nice and we like
  • In the same sphere fruit water is thought to speed up the metabolism
  • Encourages clear skin and glowing skin
  • The electrolytes from the fruit give us a hefty amount of energy and because it is all natural sugar, sports drinks ain’t got nothing on this!
  • It rids our body of toxins
  • Supports digestive function by cleaning out our system


Ok So Fruit Water Sounds Amazing…

Wow! Oh yes fruit water is a magical thing! Aside from those mega awesome health benefits, fruit water is super fun to make and so very tasty to drink. Experimenting is the fun part and realistically you can make any kind of fruit water that you fancy. I normally drink the classic lemon and cucumber or lemon, lime and cucumber but have tried tons of recipes. One of my favorites is to have a slice of lemon, one strawberry, and a slice of cucumber. Another is lemon, cucumber and a slice of a juicy orange.

The water tastes so refreshing and I actually crave it throughout the day. Times that I have to drink normal water (like when I am away from home for an extended period of time), I think longingly about the semi- sweet water of my own making and it sincerely helps me to get my 2L and then some. I make a fresh jug of fruit water once a week and drink it as the days champion on. I keep this refrigerated and as I drink more, I add more water with the same fruit to last until the day that I change the fruit at the beginning of the week.

Some people change their fruit daily and make a fresh batch each day, others do it every couple or few days and many find that infusing the water over night makes their mix best. I, however, am a lot more relaxed with my mix and have run into zero problems with my fruit water lasting for a week. However, it is best to follow a method that works wonders for you! Remember, though, that some fruits go off faster than others and the last thing you want is to drink moldy water! I have found that lemons and limes help to preserve the water longer. My berry water lasted for about 4 days before the taste went a little weird… I tried it again with a lemon slice and it lasted the full week still tasting.. tasty.

I have a 750ml stainless steel water bottle and three of those a day keeps me right where I need to be. It has been 2 years since I have adopted the daily intake of fruit infused water and though normal water will always be lovely, I do not want to live without my special liquid treat! It is not only a healthier option it has unreal benefits and tastes sooooo yummy at the same time.

Who it is for

Everyone! This type of water is a wonderful way to get all the water in you that you need each day and is a fun way to spice up your water- drinking routine. For those who claim to not enjoy water, this is something that can change it all around. The water is wonderful for athletes, children, those with adverse health issues, those with incredible health, and everyone in between.

Final Thoughts

This water is a gift from the health gods and its perfect way of giving our bodies health abundance makes it the perfect addition to our daily life! The fact that water can taste so divine is a treat within itself and I seriously believe that we all do ourselves a disservice if we never drink one of our own making! You can whip up whatever kind that you like, using your favorite fruits (I might not try banana, however) and trying new ones and in doing so will give your body some powerful advantages.  Basically fruit water is the bomb, and since you are too, the two should become one! Just make sure that you are drinking more than enough water every single day of your life. Be bodacious, babes!x

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12 comments on “The Bodacious Benefits of Fruit Water- It is Almost Unbelievable!

  1. Thanks for the great motivation to drink fruit water! So many people I know drink sodas or sports drinks, and those are just loaded with nasty salts, sugars, and dyes. Fruit water is so much tastier and better for you. I like your attack plan – make it once a week, and replenish as needed. Always helpful insights from you!

    1. Aww thanks a bunch, Penny! Always great comments from you and so many people I know load up on conventional sugary drinks as well. It is mad the way we damage our bodies just in food and beverage choices but every time there is a healthy way that tastes just as good!

  2. Hi Manika-Nia,

    That is a really amazing article. I only prepare fruit water sometimes, but not on a regularly base. You inspire me to change my habit. Till now, I just did it to have another taste for my water, haven’t been aware of these huge benefits. Thank you for educating me. Once I found a super new recipe, I will let you know.

  3. I have just started drinking fruit infused water so I was excited to read this post on the health benefits……Bonus!!! I love fruit water and can’t agree with you more on the need to drink more water. And what better way to drink it!!

  4. So recently I’ve been trying to take more water because of the health benefits benefits you mentioned…toxins elimination, youthful appearance, glowing skin 😉 but I don’t find it easy so I mostly have to drink it fast at a time so I can get it over and done with.
    I have tried water with lemon but didn’t help much with drinking so I think I’ll try trying other different fruits as you suggested as I definitely want to incorporate water into my daily routine. Great information!

  5. Really great recipes you shared. If I was doing some sort of berry fruit, I would go with strawberries as the shape holds well. Since the summer is here, I like mint and lemon since they are natural partners. Spearmint works really well if you can find it. Cinnamon sticks I think work too (might be funny) because they have a digestive aid component. So for me, mint, lemon, and cucumber win out. Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much! I have heard great things about apple and cinnamon water as well but have not tried it myself. Mint is meant to act as a powerful detox in fruit water so it is great that you use it regularly.

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