The Penultimate New Growth Episode| My 12-Week Update

Hey favs,

The 12-week mark is finally here!

Yes that is correct, 12 full weeks of electric laser therapy, massage, semi-hypnosis, supplements and homeopathic spray + my continuance of pumping with the Noogleberry and Bosom Beauty. Whew!

We are 4 weeks shy of the end of this program and my oh my did time fly! So let’s slow it down with the breakdown of my growth up to the 12-week mark.

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My Thoughts so Far

Before we get into what you came on this page for 🍅🍅 I do want to let you in on my thought-space at this penultimate section in the New Growth series.

Most of you will already know my goals: d-cup, roundness, symmetry and cleavage. When I began my journey with NG I was really hoping for my goals to be fully realized.

So far, it seems that 2 of my goals have been reached BUT, I must admit that for one of the goals, it isn’t exactly what I had in mind…

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Cup Sizes

You see, after viewers on our  YT channel had a semi-heated debate about the accuracy of Victoria Secret’s bra size calculator, I decided it was time to go in for a professional fitting.

Upon entering the oh-so-well-hidden fitting room, I was measured by the very sweet ‘rookie’ and informed that I was a freaking 32-D 😱.

In disbelief I asked the no-nonsense veteran to confirm with a second measurement. And she did.

In even more disbelief, I stormed over to my tailor and asked her to do the same. She confirmed 😵.

What’s more is, when I went in after the holidays (Jan 2020) to check if all the food I had gobbled down changed my measurements, I was informed that I am currently a 32-DD 🥴. Crazy right?

Though that sounds like something to jump for joy about, I’ve come to learn  that cup sizes really don’t indicate much.

I used to believe that all D-cups equaled big tatas– which is totally incorrect.

Really, it is all to do with back size and bust size, and just because you are a D doesn’t mean you have a super set– just look at me! I thought that if I became a D, I would totes have the ones in the photo below.. What size is that woman in red anyway? Like an E!?

*FYI to get your proper bra size you must have someone measure your back then your bust.

  • If your back size is odd go down one to the even number ie a 35 is really a 34
  • You then count upwards from your back size with each inch equaling a cup size. If you measure in at 33” then your back size aka band size is 32” and if your bust size is 38” then you are a 32-E cup. Crazy right?..






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I Give up on Bra Size

Though my back size didn’t seem to change, which is crazy because I literally ate like an absolute starved pig 🐷 over Christmas (send me back!), with both fitting’s I was undoubtedly a D-cup.

I am happy about it, but it definitely wasn’t what I thought it would be.

Here I was thinking that graduating to a D meant all my boobiedreams had finally come true!

But alas I still don’t feel that I have that kind of chest that I look at and go ‘you better werk!’

Soooooo  I officially give up on caring about my cup size! Instead, I am focusing on manifesting the others on my goal list.


Which brings me to the next goal that has seemed to come into fruition thus far.

When I look in the mirror each morning I definitely am seeing definition. This gorgeous little line that makes me feel so womanly is consistently there.

When I film on camera I see it even more than when in the nude and I can’t deny that that line is something that was certainly lacking pre-NG.

I wonder if my breasts might be too far apart from one another to have that crease that my mumma and aunts have– them gorgeous beaches be having lines and cleavage without anything pushing them up!

My Mama my Mumma

If it is the case that my girls are just too far apart to match my mumma’s fly, I at least feel really grateful for what I have currently attained, as I went from completely spaced out to a little sunt’n sunt’n.

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Symmetry and Roundness

When it comes to the symmetry and roundness, though, they haven’t really improved thus far.

Its strange because when I measure each girl from week to week they mostly seem to match one another.

But its when I look at the girls in the mirror that I notice how there almost seems to be a bit of Zena that just isn’t as fleshed out.

I feel that if Zena looked like ZoraAnabelle I would feel satisfied and ready to hang up my NBE shoes. BUT!, we not there yet!

Roundness would of course be a bonus– oh I do love a good round boob! I think roundness looks so beautiful and I would love my girls to flesh out in this way.

Currently, though, the ‘triangle thing’ is still my thing and I’m wondering if that is something that I might just have to live with 🤷🏽.

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Program Readjustments FYI

For the final 8 weeks of the program I have given up raisins 😭 as I am not sure if that constitutes as raw or not (d’oh).

I realize that I was having chocolate raisins on the weekend for the first 8 weeks of the program and I do want any prospective New Growthers to heed my warning that eating raisins might not have been best practice 😭.

After Eric of NG watched the 8-week update, he sent me x7 tonics to re-balance my Stomach-Spleen-Pancreas system in the hopes that it might help my breasts for the remaining weeks.

Other than that everything is the same as the first 8 weeks!

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12-Week Breakdown

Week 9

Bust 38.5″, right breast 10.5″, left 10.5″, over 35″, under 33″

Week 10

Bust 38.5″, right breast 10.5″, left 10″, over 35″, under 32″

Week 11

Bust 38.67″, right breast 10″, left 10″, over 35.5″, under 33″

Week 12

Bust 38.83″, right breast 10″, left 10″, over 35″, under 32″

The Voice and Visual

My Current Method

  1. Wake up in the morning and noogle while I flow energy, mostly just with Zena
  2. Use my x6 drops of tonic in my water and take my supplements, spray homeopathic spray on wrist, take my normal vitamins, spray homeopathic spray again, use progesterone cream if is the last 13 days of my cycle
  3. After showering I put on the BB while I do my skincare routine
  4. Use the electric pen
  5. Remove BB and massage with shea first
  6. Body butter my entire body save for the girls, then massage the girls with my serum/oil/cream mix
  7. Slap therapy on the girls
  8. Before bed listen to the audio visualization while pumping with BB
  9. Sleep with the BB until it loses suction

The End

So that is 12-weeks in a HNLH nutshell! We have one more +4 weeks to go so here’s to an NBE miracle in that frame🥂!

  • What do you think about my 12-week progress? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Take care of your girls and massage!
  • Love ya’s 💋

8 comments on “The Penultimate New Growth Episode| My 12-Week Update

  1. Hi! I just started following your journey and I’m really curious! Been interested in NBE for a while but have been just trying to gather a lot of info before I dive into anything. Were you satisfied with the New Growth Program? What happened in the final week? Are you still doing it?

  2. Hi!
    I’ve seen your breast progress and I’m amazed! I have just bought it from Spain.
    How much time do you use it in the day? 1h/day?
    Any other tip for use or something?


    1. Hola chica, welcome and I wish you happy noogling! 1/h a day is minimum for me but my biggest tip is to learn what works best for your body! What helped me as well is looking the NB forum for different ideas from different users. Let me know how it goes ok? Gracias and look forward to hearing about your progress!!

  3. I’m interested in using a system to take my A cups to a B cup. They were c cups when breastfeeding and they were b cups before that and now they shrunk to a cups. I’m shook and so sad about it. I do t know which system to use. I’m on a budget and have tiny boobies so which system would work best for me? How much of a cup size total did you grow?

    1. Hi dear, well whenever breasts are depleted to do with breast feeding, the best program has down in New Growth. It is a very expensive route but there is the possibility of financing it. If NG is a bit too pricey I would opt for the Noogleberry or Bosom Beauty. BB is the more expensive of the 2 but has a control unit while NB is manual hand pump. My advice would be to check the posts about each of these systems and programs and then letting me know if you have further q’s after reading. Do let me know how you get on and ask away if you need any help!

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