The Ultimate Skincare Routine for Flawless Skin

“Real Beauty Begins and Ends with Skins”

Seriously, ya’ll! I says this and I means this! Our largest organ is a reflection of the love that we have for ourselves and the care that we give to ourselves, and the more we give self-love and self-care, the more beautiful that reflection becomes. Trust me on this one!

Taking care of the skin, though, takes a solid routine and that’s why this post is dedicated to the ultimate skincare routine for flawless absolutely flawless skin!

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Natural face masks, creams, shea butter and a good scrub are all powerful tools in a great skincare routine, BUT the one element that is vital to an ultimate skincare routine is affirming to our skin that it is incredible, healthy and beautiful by way of affirmations.

This is power and when you use this power daily, your skin will never be better. Every single day ensure that you tell your skin– whether aloud or with your thoughts, that she– yeah she alive!– is supple, smooth, elastic, soft, healthy and beautiful.

Get creative too! Write a script in your head: “I love how you look in pictures and it makes me so happy that my loved ones are inspired by you and ask me what my secret is to gorgeous skin.”

Whatever you decide for your affirmations to be, make sure to practice them daily, write that life-changing script and ultimately those words will become your skin goddess reality! Trust me on this one.

The Routine

The routine I do is simple, effective and truly rejuvenates my skin making it the epitome of flawless. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Coffee scrub
  2. Rosewater
  3. Serum
  4. Moisturizer

Coffee Scrub

Coffee + sugar + olive/avocado/sesame oils are fab-u-lous for the skin. Scrubbing the skin removes dead skin cells along with dirt and debris; when used on the body it improves blood circulation, evens skin tone and even diminishes cellulite. On the face, the oil softens and cleanses while the coffee adds an incredible natural color… did I say flawless absolutely flawless?

The Proportions

I use about 3 tablespoons of coffee in a mixing bowl alongside 2.5 tbsp of preferably brown sugar, a tsp of Himalayan pink salt with 2.5 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil and 1 tsp of cold-pressed avocado oil. I ensure that the mix is the right consistency of granule-y to scrub properly and oily to glide on well.

The Method

I do this scrub 3 times a week so as not to over-scrub. I gently scrub my cheeks, forehead, neck and specifically pay attention to my trouble areas on the sides of my nose.

I then mix any remainder in with my Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castille Soap and scrub my underarms, any area prone to razor bumps, and my bum cheeks and thighs for smoothness, color and de-cellulite. I rinse off and then prepare for my rosewater delight.


Rosewater makes the skin invincible. Trust me on this one! It is a natural cleanser, toner, balances the ph of the skin, hydrates it, and is even said to be anti-aging. And considering that I’ll be 30 at the end of this 2019 year and still get ID’d even in 18+ places, I think it is a safe bet to say rosewater plays its part in that.

What’s more is that it smells gorgeous and I use it on my entire face, neck, ears, underarms and spray it over my body each morning making me smell gorgeous and feel refreshed.

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Type to Buy

So long as it is pure rosewater with nothing else in it then you are good to go. When in doubt try one of my faves here.

The Method

After my morning shower, I use a cotton pad, pour my delicious liquid in the center, filling about half the pad. I apply on my cheeks, under my eyes, forehead, neck then clean my ears. I spray my underarms and the rest of my body with the water.

I then make sure that my entire body especially elbows, knees, heels, legs, feet, and bum bum are encased in my all natural home made body butter: shea butter, coconut oil, lemongrass oil and then proceed to the next step.

Face Serum

Most good dermatologists will tell you that your face needs a a special serum to be its best self. The right kinds of serum have vitamin c and e and hyaluronic acid. These serums have antioxidants and support healthy collagen making our skin more youthful, smooth and moisturized for the gods.

Which to Buy

Check them ingredients girls! and when in doubt go for organic beauty as it is simply so much better for the skin when harmful chemicals are left out. I use Holland and Barrett’s own but comparable brands are:

TruSkin, Derma E Serum, Eminence Serum

The Method

To apply I squirt some on each cheek, my neck, forehead, chin and nose, I press into the skin starting with the neck and on the face ensure that I am lifting my skin (see video below). I then leave the serum to dry slightly. Then proceed to the final step 😉

Moisturizer: Weleda Skin Food

Life is varied. There really is no one size fits all. BUT if there was it would totally be Weleda Skin Food. Trust me on this one.

Weleda moisturizer is one of those products that I am in awe of and feel so sad for the version of me who never knew about it all those years before.

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It’s like my face was starving before I introduced it to its most nutritional diet, and now that I have this beautiful cream I never want to let it go. This is big for me because I have never trusted putting anything on my face except for shea butter.

Weleda goes on smooth, gives my face this gorgeous, non-greasy shine, smells like joy and really makes me happy.

I read somewhere that it is the beauty industry’s best kept secret and I’m here to tell you that if you aren’t in on the loop then its high time you get your tushy in gear! This stuff is the truth.

All natural ingredients, not heavy on the face at all and really nourishes the skin. On a Saturday I do the ultimate skincare routine and walk out the house with nothing but this moisturizer on and feel like the most beautiful chica in the world.

Where to Get it

I pick mine up from Holland and Barrett here in Dublin and you can most likely get yours from your local health food shop too or else can cop it on this wonderful thing called the world wide web. I get the one for rough to dry skin (that’s the original) but there is a light skin food option as well.

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The Method

To apply I put some on each cheek, forehead, nose, chin and neck. I rub in on my neck, sweep up on the cheeks to promote lifting, make sure to get the sides of my nose, chin, forehead and also moisturize the skin under my eyebrows. Check my vid below to see how it is done.

The Visual

Ends with Skins

This routine is the ultimate because it truly ticks all boxes: cleanses✓, hydrates✓, moisturizes✓, and shines✓. It is full body and my skin has never been happier or looked so good.

I love how the scrub ensures healthy skin so blemishes don’t pop out of nowhere, appreciate the rejuvenation from the rosewater, antioxidants from the serum, and the intense moisture and smoothness from the cream. This is the ultimate for flawless skin! If you have normal to dry skin* you and your skin will absolutely love this routine. Trust me on this one!

*oily skin might need to use Light Skin Food and combination skin should trial and error to find the best process

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  • Take care of your skin with those affirmations, healthy diet, water- yes gawd, and that routine and you will always be beautiful!
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