Top 10 Things to Know About the Noogleberry Breast Pump

Hello my wonderful #nooglers! Today we have another Noogleberry special, and I am so happy to traverse down the top 10 things that you need to know about our noogle friend.

Number 1

Noogleberry is a Revolutionary Product.

Now, there are many alternatives in the nbe world, including Brava, Enhance, Bosom Beauty, and many other less-known breast pump systems. Yet, Noogleberry stands out in the crowd because of the quality, pricing and support that comes along with it.

When deciding to take natural breast enhancement to a new level, many women opt for an off-brand, cheaper product and find that, well… they get what they pay for. That’s because many of these options are poorly made. Noogleberry, on the other hand, prides itself on using sustainable materials that are built to last, and that’s why Nooglers continue to call themselves proud Nooglers for years and years.

In addition, compared to other systems like Brava (upwards of $500), Enhance ($150+), and Bosom Beauty ($100+), Noogleberry goes for about $60-75 dollars depending on your cup size. This means Noogleberry gives both superb quality and an affordable price tag.

Finally, the Noogleberry breast pump is ground-breaking in the support that rallies behind it. Not only do we have Lucy who listens to us all and helps guide us along, there is an entire forum on the site where we can communicate with others while on our Noogling journey. There we can read success/failure stories, see the most remarkable results, get help from seasoned users, and share our own stories. During my NBE journey, I find this to be one of the most remarkable accompaniments to the system.

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Number 2

It’s Not for Everyone.

Before you get too excited, heed number 2! Though the Noogleberry has truly been monumental in the growth of my girls (see the video below), this makes second on the list because it is very important for everyone to know. We human beings are strange! What works for the majority will not always work for every single one of us, and this needs to be recognized when considering the purchase and use of this system. There are some women who have reported that they tried the system for X amount of time and never saw an inkling of change.


Number 3

It May Cause Discomfort and Scarring

This is one of the facets that I didn’t fully understand before going forth with my Noogleberry, but it is something that is a must know! The domes are hard plastic and even if you get the contoured system which was made for better comfort, continuous use means continuous pressing of the plastic into your skin.

At the moment Noogleberry has no workable solutions for this. There are foam rings that we can buy from the site but they don’t function properly. The suction sucks the rings into the domes, leaving the skin exposed to the plastic bearing down on it.

Though some users in the forum write of viable solutions, I have yet to find one that actually works. This means that if you use the system for many hours in a day– as I would recommend– you can really start to feel the discomfort and the red rings can turn into marks/scars on your skin. It is possible to remove all scarring with natural remedies, of course, but this is still something you need to be aware of!

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Number 4

There are so Many Techniques!

This system is manually-operated and that means we all have more freedom in how we use it; there is more than one right way to pump. While this is a great thing, it can also feel overwhelming.

Reading the forum and hearing from seasoned users will reveal that there are many techniques to choose from. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the best method to use. There is no one answer for a NoogleNewbie and unfortunately, this is something that we all have to trial and error for ourselves.

I pump and leave on for about 30 minutes before releasing air and repumping and like to leave mine on for many hours in the day (minimum 1 hour), yet other women use other methods. Do keep this in mind when considering the Noogleberry!

Number 5

Your Nipples Won’t Grow!

This is the most frequent question that I’m asked so let me both allay your fears and possibly disappoint you all at once. Your nipples will not grow unless you actively seek something like a nipple enlarger to make them. Using the Noogleberry breast pump will not increase the size of your nipples.

BUT… using the system can stretch your areolas. Areolas are the skin around your nipples that are the same color as your nipples. Because they are part of your skin, as your skin stretches and as your breasts grow, they too can increase in size.

Some find success with covering the areolas and nipples with tape, nipple covers, or band-aid’s, but I personally don’t find that this works. The adhesive does not stay on while I pump so, although my areolas are quite sizeable already and although I DO NOT want them to get any bigger, I don’t bother with any nipple covers and will just accept what, if any, growth comes with my areolas.

Number 6

You Need Patience

Ok so we know that this system doesn’t work for everyone but for those that it does work with you need to remember one thing… it takes patience! Some even report that they did not see any remarkable change until a year after use. With this in mind, give yourself ample amount of time and be consistent! Don’t give up so soon, patience young padawan!

Number 7

To get Maximum Results, Breast Massage and Exercise is a Must

The Noogleberry breast pump is best accompanied with massage and exercise. To get the best results imaginable you should include 10 minutes of breast massage daily– I like to massage both before and after using the pump– and should include an exercise that targets the chest. For me it is a daily dose of push-ups and a magic exercise that I detail in this video. Adding both to your pumping regime will only get you results quicker and on top of that is a healthy way to take care of your girls.

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Number 8

There is an Annoying Sound!

This is one of the worst parts of the system in my opinion! I mean, it isn’t terrible, but the noise is really annoying. When air escapes from the domes, it makes an unmistakable fart noise. This is handy information to have in case you have roommates or want to use the system in private. Beware that this can occur. Once your breasts and body get used to the system more, you will find that this happens less and less. Still, though, it can and does occur!

Need a cream or supplement? Check this out baby!

Number 9

Your Breast Growth Might Stall

This is something that I did not discover until later in my NBE journey. Stalling can occur after achieving growth.

Let’s say you’ve used the system for 3 months and went up a full cup size! You use it for another month and another and another and your size just won’t budge from that last achievement. That, my friends, is called stalling.

To combat this, the best thing to do is give yourself a break. Lay off pumping for a while (anywhere from 2 weeks to a month+) to give your breasts the time it needs–I would recommend continuing to massage and exercise in this period. After you’ve given yourself a good break, come back in with the pumping and see if the stalling-period has come to a halt.


Number 10

It’s Non-Hormone Disruptive and Safe

Ok so this has to be the biggest question on every aspiring-nooglers mind before diving in. Though I desperately wanted bigger breasts and wanted to find a way to achieve it naturally, I steered clear of breast growth supplements and pills because I was afraid it would disrupt my hormones and give me all kinds of crazy side-effects!

When breast pumps were introduced into my life I had similar concerns. Mostly I was worried about using any product that could change my cells and potentially make them cancerous. So before going full Noogle, I did my research and discovered that this system is a non-hormone disruptive, non-invasive, and safe way to enhance the breasts naturally.

I learned the science behind the pumps and even gleaned how many physicians recommend the system to women looking to increase their bust size. I went ahead with the system, checked with my own physician and feel confident to tell you that, aside from the marks that I mention above, it is safe! As always, if you are concerned, speak to your doctor, ask them their opinion, speak to other users and read up on the science behind blood-flow/circulation and how it works with breast stimulation and growth.

Top 10 Noogleberry Tings

Number END

Right, those are the top 10 things that I reckon you need to know about the Noogleberry breast pump. Noogling has been a fabulous journey for me thus far and I honestly cannot wait to finally reach my #boobiegoals! Pray for our girls #ZenaandZoraAnabelle

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2 comments on “Top 10 Things to Know About the Noogleberry Breast Pump

  1. Hi,

    I would like to ask if you know more about Noogleberry for couples of questions.

    I have Noogleberry Cups with hand pump at home but I just wanted to order Noogleberry Two Airlocks so would this be used for Noogleberry Cups or do I have to buy a new Airlock Breast Enlargement Cups or Airlock Contoured Breast Enlargement Cups?

    How does this difference between Airlock Breast Enlargement Cups vs Airlock Contoured Breast Enlargement Cups?

    I look forward to hearing from you 🙂


    1. Hi Joel, if you already have cones that you are happy with, all you need to do is purchase the airlock tubing. The good thing is the cups and tubing work pretty much the same so you can get either or and be pretty satisfied. I have a post and video about these coming up so come back here then! Also let us know how you get on and what you decide, ok? Happy pumping!x

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