Top Celebrities with Curly Hair- They Embrace and Rock Their Natural Hair!

Oooooh oooooh it’s Friday! So it’s all about the natural hair! Today I am super happy and excited to present this post because it is honoring some incredible women who prove that wearing natural hair is the way to go. The women on this list are curly/natural hair inspirations and in a world where we are constantly told that straight is in (and you must fit into that world by all means possible), we need women like these to remind us that natural is beautiful, always.

Erykah Badu

Screenshot from MTV Interview

I had to start it off with this queen! Known for her unique style and neosoul music, Badu proves that being yourself is the way of the soul. In an industry that embraces a certain look, it has been so refreshing to see this goddess create a  look of her own whilst wearing her fabulous, big hair!

Tamara Mowry

Screenshot from FB Live

Sister, sister! If you have grown up watching the curly twins Tia and Tamara then there’s a chance that, like me, you were a tad disappointed when they traded in their natural locks for some fakey weaves :/. I loved their hair growing up (even when they straightened it) and was confused to see them employ hair extensions later in life rather than those gorgeous tresses that they used to rock.

Luckily, Tamara got with the program, did a big chop and said hello to her pretty curls again. Tamara makes this list because she took a brave step and (so far as I know) is sticking with it. It’s empowering to embrace what we were gifted with, especially in the entertainment industry. Thanks Tamara!

Viola Davis

Screenshot from Emmy Awards

Confession: I have loved this woman and her work for a very long time (especially in the Help.. can watch that all day every day!) but was always quite disappointed with the fake hair she chose to rock, because I felt like it was detracting from her true beauty. Though that never swayed my opinion of her creative work, her revelation and decision to unveil her natural hair was revolutionary to me. What a way to give power back to natural beauty! Davis is an inspiration to many and we thank her for taking that step in revealing her true beauty.


Screenshot from Cranes in the Sky

This amazing women has not been shy about embracing her natural hair and we love her styling of it. She is known as a natural hair icon since her big chop in 2009 and now fans marvel at her bravado in staying true to who she is via her natural hair styles. Solange favors protective styles over others but seeing her on magazine covers, video shoots and huge events with her natural hair out and flowing is galvanizing to many of us. Solange, you and your natural hair is fantastic!

Screenshot from Cranes in the Sky

Esperanza Spalding

Screenshot from Overjoyed Live Video

This woman is a classically trained jazz singer and bassist and rocks her curls everywhere she goes! She likes to brush out her curls into a fly afro and fully embraces her natural texture. She teaches us all how freeing it is to let your hair do its thing and she looks absolutely amazing while doing it!

Kandace Spring

Screenshot from Forbidden Fruit Live

Ok I have read that this modern soul singer blows her hair out after washing it, and while that may be a no- no in my book.. her hair looks incredible! According to one interview, she feels that along with artists like Solange, they can bring the afro back and help to empower women to wear their natural hair. For that this woman is another queen on this list as empowering women to be themselves is what it is all about!

Yara Shahidi

Snapshot from Jimmy Kimmel show

The young Black-ish star may love to experiment and have fun with her hair, but one thing we can all appreciate is her willingness to be herself, including rocking her God- given tresses. Shahidi says she has embraced her natural texture for as long as she can remember and feels that it represents herself and her people. She may only be 17 years old but the lady understands something that many in this straight- haired world simply don’t: you can be beautiful with the natural hair on your head! I love that she does not fit into “the mold” and her hair is always the bees knees!

Yvette Nicole Brown

Screenshot form interview
Screenshot from Fox interview

This comedic lady has been natural for over 20 years and bless her for showing off her gorgeous locks to the rest of us. She has been a natural lady long before the natural hair movement took hold and she continues to be an inspiration to the rest of us who are looking to embrace our own natural texture and curls. The actress has said that wearing her natural hair is the easiest style she has ever had, and woman does she look great wearing it!

Yaya Da Costa

Screenshot from Access Hollywood interview

This model and actress straightens her hair from time to time but since her America’s Next Top Model days, we have had the pleasure to see her natural hair in its full glory. She likes to be a role model for girls who have naturally curly hair and feels that being a positive image for natural hair will show young ladies that you do not need to have straight sleek hair to be accepted and considered beautiful. Another empowering curly lady that we need more of!

Leona Lewis

I recently found about Leona Lewis and her curl story and it made me super happy. After her induction into the music industry, she straightened her hair and wore it strictly straight because… well everyone else was doing it. But after some time and a bit of self- realization she went back to her roots… literally! Her curls are swirls of joy and her message is loud and clear: let your hair be what it is!

Screenshot from A Moment Like This video

Nina Simone

Screenshot from to be Young, Gifted and Black live

Oh the soulful Nina! She deserves a slot within this list because her strides to embrace her natural hair has paved the way for other women to follow in her footsteps and embrace their own. The singer and activist had such a unique style and her hair spoke of her fiery personality. Powerful woman with powerful hair. Thank you Nina!

Alicia Keys

Screenshot from Blended Family video

Purely for her showing her gorgeous face without makeup and introducing the idea that entertainment and glam does not have to be compulsory, Alicia Keys deserves a huge thank you. She really set the bar for welcoming natural beauty and it is what is needed in a world where people feel they have to be more than what they are. Keys’ looks better than she ever has without makeup on and her head of natural curls shows her beautiful spirit.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Screenshot from Wendy Williams show

I had to save my girl for last. Tracee Ellis Ross is a goddess! And definitely one of my hair idol’s! I specifically love her in the show Black-ish and anytime I am having any kind of bad day my mister says “you hair looks like Bow’s (Tracee’s character in Black-ish) ” and my body naturally reacts by producing this massive grin. Tracee’s hair journey is also quite remarkable and inspires me in my own. One of the biggest messages she offer’s is to find what feels right for you… and that is certainly something to vibe with!

Final Thoughts

So this, of course, is not a conclusive list but it is a stellar one. The women in this list might not adhere to my strict rules (no- heat ever, no brushing, no added pieces) but they are all women who show the beauty of natural hair and that is everything! I admire what they are doing with their hair, the legacy that they are leaving, and how they show young curly/natural- haired ladies the positive benefits of accepting yourself and all your natural gifts.

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6 comments on “Top Celebrities with Curly Hair- They Embrace and Rock Their Natural Hair!

  1. I totally agree that people should just embrace themselves and be proud of who they are. I am sure many people straighten their hair because of what others say and think, but, being yourself is great! If someone like natural curly hair, then that is fantastic! I will say that I do not know a lot of the women you mentioned on this post. I know… I am not too caught up with celebrity names. I like how you mentioned many women and dove in. Great job!

    1. Thank you for the comment Cesar, I agree that is lovely to just be who you are. My reasoning for honoring some of these curly ladies is because it is customary to straighten hair rather than wear it as it is and so I commend anyone who goes against the mold.

  2. When I first started reading your post I was hoping that you included Esperanza Spalding and I’m so glad you did! She is my all time favorite when it comes to natural afros. Plus I love her music. Have you thought about shedding some light on how locs are also natural? I was loose natural for 3 years before I decided to lock my hair, and its been locked for 4 years. It would be nice to see the natural hair community not so divided when it comes to the two.

    1. Hi Jazmin, thank you for reading and yes I love Esperanza Spalding’s hair as well! You raise a great point, also Jazmin, do you feel that the natural hair community is divided when it comes to locks?

  3. Hi, I couldn’t agree more with this post. Keeping it natural is definitely the best way as all these women have proven and accepting yourself and the way you are is great advice for us all. Many thanks

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