Uneven Breasts Solution: Is your Dominant Hand at Fault?

Helloooo Beauties,

Welcome to another wonderful Natural Breast Enhancement (NBE) dayyyyyyyy. Today, I’m bringing you an #NBEchallenge, courtesy of one wonderful viewer who posed a question that really got me thinking about my left and right hand! 

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The Backstory

As you fellow NBE ladies know, my girl Zena (the left) has some cell-regeneration issues and is not proportionate to her sister, ZoraAnabelle. Sooooo a huge part of my journey has been to twin the two, or at least to encourage my smaller one to fill out more.

BUT… Even with my massage routine, systems + programs like Noogleberry (NB), Bosom Beauty (BB), and New Growth (NG), I am still on, what I like to call, my TiaTamera journey. 

Which brings me to what one wonderful viewer pointed out: SINCE I’m right hand dominant, ZoraAnabelle might be stronger be default from the extra use she gets from naturally being on the right side, whereas Zena might be lacking because she is naturally on my less-dominant side ?.

So as I do, I’ve began a series of trials to see if such is the case AND, to determine if such can be reversed by using my less-dominant, aka my left hand.

In doing so, I just might discover that Zena isn’t a runt at all, and this whole time, it is just that ZoraAnabelle is a juice head ??.

My Trials and Errors

What I’ve been doing is attempting to:

  • pick up items with my left hand
  • use my left hand to drink
  • lift with my left hand and arm
  • scribble with my left hand
  • massage with my left hand
  • prepare food with my left hand
  • do a special breast exercise solely on the left side

I’ve even enlisted the help of my chico, Mick, to help me stay on the right track. He had the brilliant idea that every time I use my right hand for something I don’t really need it for, I must drop and do some squats or some form of exercise in the hopes that it will jog my memory to get more dominant with my left hand.

This works on reminding my ole’ faithful brain and giving me some extra bodily exercise!

 I feel that I will need to give myself more time to see if there is a marked difference, but as all my NBE sisters know, while on this journey we are willing to try so much to make our #boobiedreams come true!

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The Challenge

So here is the #NBEchallenge to all you lades hoping to even out your girls: let’s go on a less-dominant hand journey!: 

  • use your less dominant hand for as many activities as you can, DAILY!
  • document any changes you see and what you’ve been doing
  • give yourself a month before determining your thoughts!

This challenge might only work for those whose less dominant hand is the same side as their disproportionate breast BUT if  those of us on the other end have some good results, it might open up new avenues of exploration for all women with disproportionate breasts! Here’s to hoping!

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Your Favourite Show is on

La Fin

ANNNNNND there you have it my NBE sisters, a challenge for uneven-champs! I’m excited to see where we all land ?!

  • Have you tried anything cool to even out your girls? We love hearing stories from your journey so please do share in the comments section!
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  • Take care of your girls and as always TREAT YO’ SELF!
  • Love ya to bits ?

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