Unparalled Foods That are Good for Your Hair- Don’t Eat Them, Feed Them to Your Locks, Instead!

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This post is going to be short and sweet about some edible items that are high- five amazing for your hair. I have personally used all of these and find that mixing them together makes one mighty mask/conditioner for the ultimate luxurious mane.

Unparalled Foods that are Good for your Hair


I first learned of putting eggs in my hair in 2009. It seemed so strange but my hair was in desperate need of some alternative help and eggs answered the call. I got made fun of by loads of my loved ones for this unconventional hair addition, only to later be vindicated when using such a remedy became more mainstream (figures!).

Some people are for this treatment and others are against it, but I am of the opinion that such a treatment is incredibly awesome for the hair. This treatment was the very first that assisted me in having the hair that I always wanted.

Eggs have proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids that nourish the hair. Using this treatment regularly makes the hair strong, silky, and soft. It also prevents breakage and grows the hair as well (JOY!).

If you have oily type scalp then it is best to use the egg whites and if you have a dry type then more yolks will work best for you. Check out my post here to determine what scalp type you have.

2011. Shine and strength!

My remedy was to use one or two beaten eggs with some olive oil and honey. At the time I would straighten my hair once a week and then finger roll it at night. I straightened my hair for a large portion of my life but never before had my hair been so shiny and soft. I literally could not believe the results and after a full year of using this strange food as a hair mask I had finally hit hair- nirvana.

Now I will say that I have read that too much protein is not a good thing for your hair. I would recommend doing this treatment once a week until you reach the desired results then try scaling back to biweekly or monthly. If a vegan then try one of the other foods below!

2011. Don’t mind the old photos! Just the hair! I did a weekly egg treatment and the shine was incredible!
2011. Straightened then finger rolled.


Like eggs, yogurt is full of protein! But that’s not all.. It’s natural lactic acid helps to clear away dead skin cells which is necessary for the hair to grow. It is also an incredible moisturizer and so conditions the hair through and through.

2014. Mid- sneeze looking photo but the hair is yogurt- strong!

Using this weekly helps for the maintenance of healthy hair and though I now only use eggs when my hair is in need of a major pick- me- up, I never have my weekly natural mask without my yogurt friend. I specifically like how the yogurt adds thickness to my mix so that I am not purely pouring liquid on my hair and making a mess!

I usually use a Greek yogurt that is plain with no added sugars.

2013. Henna infused with yogurt.

Coconut Milk

Oh my wow! I’m loving me some coconut milk at the moment. Coconut milk does not have lactose as an ingredient and is literally just the milk of a coconut (not to be confused with the oil or the water). To make this, you crack open the coconut, pour out the water, collect the coconut shavings (meaty part), add hot water, use a cheese cloth to take out the chunky bits and there you have it, coconut milk!


Although I live in a land of coconuts at the moment, I usually opt for ready made coconut milk from the supermarket (lazy girl). The most popular brand is from Thai kitchen and you can get one here.

This milk has iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, protein, and vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6 so it is literally chalk full of goodness for the hair. I write about the benefits of coconut milk for the scalp here so won’t get into those particulars, but as you know what’s good for the scalp is good for the tresses!

I like to use coconut milk anytime that my hair is feeling dry in – between washes and even use it as a leave- in conditioner mixed with water and my other conditioner. It is so great at combating dryness!

Make sure that your coconut milk is a bit thick more of a creamy consistency because it is less- diluted with water and thus has more of the coconut joy!

2017. Coconut milk- treated. No heat.


Ah honey, honey… you are my candy girl! My dream honey!! Honey has been there from the beginning! We are as close as me and ACV, bezzies fa life! I use this on my face and hair religiously and do not believe I could get on without bee’s vomit (didn’t you know that’s what it is?).

2012. Don’t mind the face, just the hair!

Now honey has a natural humectant that seals in moisture to the hair. It is also known to seal ends, make hair soft and give it an unbelievable shine.

It may seem like a sticky situation to add honey to the hair but trust me it isn’t. I have used honey on its own loads of times when I was out of other ingredients and it rinses out perfectly, never ever with a sticky residue.

My best results come when I add the honey with olive oil and the other ingredients mentioned in this post. Honey is the basis for probably all of my DIY mixes and its because it makes my skin and hair come alive. I love its properties and my body does too!

201.2 Soft and honeyed


Avocado got that good good! It has proteins, amino acids and loads of vitamins that help the hair (and skin) do beautiful things. Seriously! Consuming this and applying it topically does something special to the hair but you won’t know until you try it for yourself.

I make sure that this fruit is always in my green drinks and once a week I blend it up and add it to my hair mask extravaganza! This soothes the scalp and promotes longer, stronger, silkier, healthier hair!

You can also get the same results with avocado oil if the tedium of blending the fruit is too much for you. This one here is my favorite.

2016. Weekly avocado mix. No heat.
2017. No heat.

Mixed All Together

I use one egg, a few spoonfuls of yogurt and coconut milk, a few spoonfuls of honey, blended avocado or avocado oil, all mixed together. I leave this on for up to an hour with cling film wrapped around it to lock in moisture and prevent dripping. These ingredients are all ok to use on their own or with other natural ingredients. The fun part is determining what works best for you and which combination is the one that your hair loves.


These unparalleled edible items are so good for the hair because, well, the truth is… they are hair whisperers! I love using natural ingredients because I find that my hair reacts to them in such a positive way. Seeing a head of healthy hair makes me proud, makes me feel like I am tending to my garden in the right way which is a big goal for me. Due to my location at present (loads of humidity and high heat) I am using the five (with some olive oil) weekly and thanks to them my hair is staying afloat regardless of the weather pressures. Very few food items rival these heavy hitters which is why my hair likes to consume them more than my mouth, and so should yours! Get mixing, ladies, your hair will thank ya!x

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14 comments on “Unparalled Foods That are Good for Your Hair- Don’t Eat Them, Feed Them to Your Locks, Instead!

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this article! I love that all of these foods/ingredients are common items anyone could find in the average kitchen. It’s really beneficial that you’ve tried all of these different strategies with your own hair throughout the years. It really shines through as informative and engaging with your targeted audience, nice job! Will definitely have to come back and check out a few of your other posts!

    1. Hi Courtney, aww thanks so much for such a thoughtful comment. This is one of my favorite parts about these ingredients, they are so affordable and easily accessible and you can use them for beauty as well as for eating. My hair has certainly been through trials over the years and if such can help anyone else out there then all the better! Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. We put a lot of chemicals in our body; I’m surprised we are not all glowing. I like these natural food alternatives. My daughter-in-law’s hair breaks and falls out easily. She has tried everything, and still, it hasn’t helped, maybe too many chemicals is actually harming than helping. I shared the info with her. I think the egg, honey, and olive oil hair mask might be the one for her.

    Thank you for the info

    1. Hi Sahar, I am surprised that we are not glowing ourselves! So many unnecessary chemicals can burden our bodies so we need a break or to eliminate them completely! Thanks for sharing with her and I hope it helps, I know that these ingredients have been powerhouses for me, but diet counts as well! Here’s one of my other posts where I go over diet for the skin and hair that she can check out 🙂

  3. Great information! Just wondering, when using honey on the hair, how much is needed. You say you like to use it mixed with other items. Do you have a recipe?

    1. Hi Barb, thanks for reading and for the comment. The recipe that is use is just above under “mixing it together” but with DIY it can change depending on how much of the ingredients I have or simply if I want to use more or less of one ingredient. I usually use about two spoonfuls of honey 🙂

  4. Beautiful hair journey!!! I believe I have all of these ingredients inside my kitchen already. Ready to try them all!!!

  5. Great information – not so sure as a man I am quite as interested in in ‘Not” eating the healthy products you are suggesting for hair and skin. You give lots of useful information and have included products – good job. I am a big fan of natural vs chemical for everything.

    I am working in legit or scam ideas and products. One niche is weight loss and I have over 40 years dealing with people to help them. I am just beginning the site – let me here is a post –
    let me know what you think if you will.

    1. Hi Dave thanks for reading in spite of your “manness”! It is great that you, too, are a fan of the natural life as opposed to the alternative and also cook that you give posts like this a read 🙂 I will certainly check out your post and let you know what I think! Thanks for the comment.

  6. I will definitely try that coconut milk I’ve tried the other oils and it is amazing my next try will be the coconut oil and thank you very much for your wonderful Insight on how to take care of your hair

  7. This is crazy! I did not know that I can use avocado to repair my hair haha I am definitely try this tip! Thank you for the information 😀 great help!

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