What Indian Healing Clay Did to My Hair- A Must Read for Curly Girls!

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Happy NHF!!! I am super happy to be writing this for you all right now. First, if you haven’t already, make sure you check out the first in the series on bentonite clay by reading about the benefits as a face mask. I wrote in the last post that this mud is life and that could not be more spot on. Eat it, throw it on your hair, bathe with it, slap it on your skin, brush your teeth with it, wash with it, use it to remove cellulite– it sure sounds like life to me!

Throughout this series I’ll be covering the health benefits and nutritional value of bentonite clay but on this glorious NHF it’s all about the hair! Lucky for us this clay in powder form is one of the most powerful treatments for the hair. In all my years I have never had a mask transform my hair with one treatment and for that this mud deserves a round of applause. Let’s hear it for the mud, let’s give the mud a hannnnd!

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Healing Clay for the Hair

Mixing the powder with apple cider vinegar or water creates a mask that does some pretty awesome things when applying it to the hair.

  • Washes/cleanses the hair- yep you can use this instead of a shampoo or cleanser
  • Detoxes the hair- takes the impurities out allowing it to be its natural state
  • Creates more defined curls than you’ve ever had in your life
  • Keeps your hair soft and protected

I use bentonite clay for my teeth and as a body wash but the first time that I ever applied it on my hair I was literally lifted off my feet and at a loss for words. I happened to give it a whirl on a non- wash day. Instead of following my normal hair routine I let it air dry intending to let it be until my normal hair wash 2 days later.

Within 45 minutes (usually takes hours for my hair to air dry) my hair was dry and from the strands I could see hanging down they were perfectly curled. When I finally went and looked in the mirror nothing but shock registered on my face.

My hair is always nice looking when it is wet, but when it dries oh does the poofy, frizzy familiarity set in. Not on this day, though. The dry hair was curly all over and looked as good if not better than with tons of conditioner and a curly friendly gel. On that day, I concluded that bentonite clay is life.

It is not very often that a treatment completely revamps ones hair in one go, but oh did Aztec’s little secret come and do that and then some. This is a health and beauty secret that has been around and used for centuries, and that’s because the properties of the mud are astounding. So astounding in fact that if I were in one of those “you can bring one thing when going to an isolated island” situation, this Aztec Secret tub would certainly be a contender. It is life! Do I sound like a broken record?

6 Minute Video Tutorial

How to Make the Mix

  1. Get your bentonite clay
  2. Get a non- metal bowl and non- metal mixing apparatus
  3. Mix equal parts powder with ACV (acv will bubble which means it is activating) or water
  4. Stir until it reaches a creamy like texture (add more powder or liquid as needed and you can also add oils like coconut, olive, grapeseed, or jojoba if you like)

How to Treat the Hair

  1. Section your hair- I like to make 4 sections– 2 in the back and two in the front
  2. Start with one section and use a spray bottle filled with water to wet the hair *do not apply on dry hair as it will not fully saturate all strands nor will it apply with ease*
  3. Take your mix and smooth it onto the hair. Pay close attention to the ends and massage your scalp with the mix to remove dirt particles and to clean the hair
  4. Twist or bun up the hair with the mix in it so it is out of the way
  5. Repeat with the remaining sections
  6. Leave on for up to 30 minutes

How to Remove

  1. Step into the shower and make sure the temperature of the water is warm
  2. Rinse as much of the clay that you can out
  3. Take a botanical conditioner or cleanser and wash as normal
  4. Rinse
  5. Condition again
  6. Rinse again and make sure that all the clay is out of the hair
  7. If you fall in 3-4 curl type then you can leave the conditioner in your hair after you exit the shower. At this point you can style your hair as normal by adding your curly- friendly products or let your hair air dry and marvel at the clay’s magic

In Simplicity We Love

Wasn’t that just too easy! I love this because it is super simple to do, you literally just need two ingredients and it makes your hair look star- made. You get 455g for about $10 and though I use it for my hair, skin, multivitamin, and teeth, because it is one of those glorious powders it has lasting power. It is super easy to buy on Amazon and whether you are going for the clay from Aztec Secret or opting for 100% bentonite clay just make sure that the company/person you are purchasing from is reputable. This should have no additives, processing or unnatural ingredients.

The Wrap Up

Oh my this was fun! I sincerely hope that you have had as much fun reading this as I have had creating it. I love sharing my natural hair tips with you handbookers and love even more when it helps your garden to be its beautiful self. You owe yourself this treatment and I can’t wait to hear all about what this product of the earth does for your hair! So get your clay and comment below before you go!

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8 comments on “What Indian Healing Clay Did to My Hair- A Must Read for Curly Girls!

  1. Omg!!! I cannot wait to try this!!! I am looking for this product asap. I feel like this is going to make my hair look amazing. Thank you for all of your information! Great!!!

  2. You are right your curls look amazing! I can’t wait to try this! I always wanted a way to where my curls and have them look the same as they do when they are wet from the shower. Thanks for this article!!!

  3. I’m Filipino with thick, naturally wavy hair. I let it air dry, but I flat iron it. I wish I could just let it dry, but I don’t know how to tame frizz and bushiness. I’ve thought of trying hair masks, but there’s so much products out there and I don’t know what’s best for my hair. Does this wash out easily? Can it be used on color-treated hair?

    1. Mary I bet your hair is beautiful! It can be used on color treated hair and it is easy to get out so long as you do not let it dry on your hair. Wet your hair first and put on a cap to lock in moisture and keep the clay from drying out and wash it out while the clay is still wet. I promise this will transform your hair!

  4. Omg!! I can not wait to try this? I just ordered the clay thru Amazon. I’ve been struggling to bring my curls back☹️ I was straightening my hair so much to the point where my curls died down. I just recently cut my hair to help my curls! I hope this works.

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