Youthful Skincare- What Argan Oil Can do for You!

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Manika-Nia here and on this fine day I am here to tell you that if what you are after is smooth, beautiful, youthful, and healthy skin then it is a necessity for you to get out there, get some pure Moroccan Argan Oil and adopt it as a daily skincare ritual! I literally swear by this oil and since using it on a daily basis I can attest to you, my lovely readers, of its purity and effectiveness. This stuff is so special that when I say you need this in your life, I very sincerely mean it.

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What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is straight from the woodlands of Morocco and as I mentioned in a previous post, the contents of the fruit are so nectarous that the indigenous goats climb the trees just to get their fill. Naturally, following the lead of the clever wildlife, natives have been pressing the argan nut to get argan oil for a while now, leaving the most informed of the world with the most precious oil. The cold pressed liquid can be used for certain dietary requirements, for treatments of wounds and skin rashes, and most importantly (at least where we handbookers are concerned) for healthy skin and hair!

What it Does for Skin

Now, the conscious skincare veteran is already aware that the skin is our largest organ. Our skin is practically everywhere on the body– no, duh!– and because of its everywhere-ness we must take special and thorough care in looking after it. That means giving it the essential vitamins it needs to be healthy and radiant. Argan oil is packed with vitamins A and E and also has antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid which keeps the skin young, soft, and ultimately beautiful. This is a full skin serum and you should use it for:

  • Nails and cuticles
  • Hands
  • Your face and neck
  • Feet and toenails
  • Hair
  • Lips
  • Under eye treatment
  • Treatment of stretch marks
  • Rough knees
  • Acne

How I Use it

I use argan oil every single day without fail and because of such I get pleasure from rubbing the back of my hand across my cheeks and feeling baby-softness. When I come home at night I use 2-4 pipette drops of the oil, rub my hands together to warm the oil and apply it on my face making sure to massage under my eyes, between my eyebrows, my nose, forehead, lips and of course my cheeky cheeks. After my face is finished I massage the remainder onto my hands . Once a week on #NaturalHairFriday’s I apply the oil onto my hair after doing the Curly Girl Method and also on either Saturday or Sunday– depending on when I give myself a mani/pedi– I paint the oil onto my fingernails and toenails after giving a manicure and pedicure, and guess what? My nails have never looked more bright, healthy, and shinnnnnny (queue my niece singing the snail’s song from Moana). I don’t use polish anymore but feel that my nails have never looked better. I massage my hands and feeties with the oil after the manicure and pedicure making sure to get the knuckles and heels.

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How to Shop for Argan Oil

Like all else that I advise on this site, when it comes to natural living you want to keep the things you use as close to the original source as possible. The least processed is the ticket! Remember reading something that says “natural” does not necessarily mean it isn’t processed. When it comes to argan oil, you want to look for the words “cold-pressed” and “pure 100% argan oil.” I also like to use ones that specify that are sourced from Morocco to be sure that I am getting the authentic stuff. Your favorite health shop likely houses pure argan oil, but an easier way, and my personal favorite way to shop, is through online merchants. I usually buy my oil from each time that I see that I’m running low. The best quality argan oil’s might cost a pretty penny but believe you me, they are completely worth it.

The Best Argan Oil Brands

Because of the multitudinous positive health effects of Argan oil, the product has quite literally flooded the natural market and aside from seeing tons of products with “with pure argan oil” imprinted on it, there are also tons of pure argan oil products out there! I am not saying that those that say “100% pure argan oil” are facetious, but I am saying that there are products out there that are better than others. Not all oils are made equally and some brands need to be favored over others. The four top brands that I can recommend thus far are:

Radha Beauty Organic Argan Oil 4oz for $13

Pura D’or Moroccan Argan Oil 4oz for $16

Poppy Austin Argan Oil 4oz for $45

Josie Maran Argan Oil 1.7oz $45

My Brand of Choice

It might sound, well, mad! But of those aforementioned brands I favor Josie Maran. I love Josie’s story, her “dream to do good” and her practices in sourcing the oil, and when it comes to buying argan oil, her brand is always my go-to. That being said I change it up and usually have a bottle of Josie Maran and Radha or another reasonably-priced one on hand.

What Argan Oil Can do for You

Well if you aren’t using it yet, it can change your life! And all by rejuvenating your skin. Our skin says everything about how we look after ourselves and while water and fruits/veg are elemental, we need a natural moisturizer that sings to our skin! Argan oil has pipes for days! With argan oil by our side we all have the power to have youthful skin and that is a beautiful blessing that we all need in our lives. Don’t just take my word for it, try it out for a month and I promise it will become one of your bestest and most used products!

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10 comments on “Youthful Skincare- What Argan Oil Can do for You!

  1. Ok, I think I need to get on the Argan oil bandwagon. I recently moved to a climate that’s incredibly dry. Like, no humidity at all. There isn’t enough lotion to make my skin feel normal. I use raw shea butter at night but even that isn’t enough. Maybe argan will do the trick. Thanks so much for sharing all the ways you use it – even on your nails! Sounds like I need to follow your lead here and give it a shot every day.

    1. Penelope, it is great that you use Shea Butter as that is one of my top bestest-estest natural products of all! But if it isn’t doing the trick I wholeheartedly recommend Argan oil as regular use will really make your skin glow. You can use the pair in tandem as well! Goodluck!x

  2. Good information Manika. I agree with you on effectiveness of Argan oil. I was looking for more information on this topic and your article helped a lot. Also, thanks for giving ways to use it more effectively.


    1. Hi Uma, thanks for reading! I’m glad that this post helped and if you need any more info from a regular user, just let me know and I’ll do my best to answer any and all queries! Have a lovely day x

  3. Thank you for this review. I have used Argan oil shampoo and conditioner, but never thought to use it for skin and nails. I will have to try this!

  4. Hi Manika- Nia, Glad I found your article about argan oil. I live in a dry climate so this info is especially good for me. I never had to use any kind of lotions or oils when living in Texas (the green side), but now I’m in the mountains of Colorado; not much humidity here. Thanks for the great tip.

  5. Awesome review Manika-Nia. As a health conscious couple, my wife and I are in constant search for great new products. Having read your review about the Argan Oil, it piqued our interest and will do further research on it as it seemed very promising and helpful. Your review is our springboard and we super thank you for it =)

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