Best Homemade Hair Mask for Natural Hair- This Mask is a Gamechanger

Hey beauties,

It’s Friday so you know what that means! It is natural hair hour baby, oh yes!

One of the best things we can do for our hair is to treat it with a deep conditioning that penetrates our strands, moisturizes our locks, and gives our mane a lasting shine. What better way to do that than with an all natural homemade mask?

I have been making variations of a natural hair mask for nine years and my hair is always at its best when I incorporate a hair mask routinely.

There are tons and tons of ready- made hair masks on the market and many of them are with natural ingredients (which we love) that are amazing for the hair, smell great, and work awesome at a deep conditioning level.

Still, I like to make my own for a couple of reasons: I am in charge of exactly what goes in the concoction and hey its much cheaper.

I usually have all of the raw ingredients to make my mask because they are things I keep around the gaff (house) for various reasons, including eating!

I have written before about these amazing foods to put in your hair and what they do for the hair (you can check that post here), but in this post I will show you how I do it and what it does to my hair.

What I Use

  • A nice amount of extra virgin olive oil
  • x1 egg
  • x1 big spoonful of yogurt
  • A hefty amount of coconut milk
  • x1 spoonful of honey (manuka honey being the best choice of all!)
  • x1 mashed or blended avocado
  • Sometimes a spoonful of ACV

What I Do

I crack the egg, then add all of the ingredients and mix it together with a fork or a spoon (though I usually use a spoon because that’s what I use as a scooper). I meld all the ingredients into one then get ready for application.

I part my hair into two sections and put one of the sections into a ponytail or bun, out of the way to be handled later.

I then split the remaining section into two smaller sections. I bun the one closer to the front of my head up (to be handled second) and work on the section in the back first.

I usually will take a spoonful of the mix and dump it into my hand and rub this throughout my sections. I do not comb/brush out my hair before I do this but simply add the mix to my hair as is. When the hair feels soft enough, I might gently finger comb through, otherwise I just rub the mix onto my sectioned hair. Once the back is fully saturated, I twist it up into a bun.

Then I work on the section closest to the front of my forehead. I repeat the process. Once the front is saturated I remove the band around the section in the back of my head (the one that I worked on first), mix both sections together then twist that whole section into one bun. That is one half completely done!

I repeat this with the undone side that I set aside in the very beginning, until my whole head is saturated in the homemade mix. At the end of the mask application I am left with two buns on either side of my head.

Screenshot of the video that you can check out below, pardon the quality

I either place plastic film (cling film/saran wrap) over my hair to prevent it from dripping and to lock in moisture for a deeper penetration, or leave them as two buns out in the open air. I leave this in my hair for up to an hour before washing it out (I also apply this mix on my face for nice, smooth, healthy skin).

I rinse this mix off with cool/cold water for two reasons

  1. One if you use warm/hot water in this mix there is a great chance that you’ll fry that egg in your hair. No joke I once came out the shower pulling scrambled eggs from my hair after I fancied a nice hot shower… It wasn’t lovely and did not smell great either.
  2. I find that cold water helps me to fight frizz. This may be debunked as a myth, but to me it makes sense. Instead of boiling my hair I like to refresh it by using a nice cool setting.

When I Do It

I usually do this once a month but recently have been applying this to my hair once a week as my location calls for such to ensure that my hair stays healthy, looks its best, and keeps its moisture in tact. Some say that too much protein is not good for the hair so caution yourself with using an egg weekly for a lengthy period of time.

What I Like Best

  • Smoothness. I like how smooth it makes my hair and I can see this straight away when I am rinsing it out in the shower. I can see a difference immediately and I find that with the best hair masks this is something that should be expected.
  • Smell. I also like the smell of this mix but only with coconut milk as an addition. Without such it has an eggy smell and no matter what amazing things eggs do to the hair, I am not partial to that eggy smell!
  • Price. It is brilliant that these ingredients are really cheap, long- lasting, and as I said I usually always have them on hand anyway! (Do you have these in your kitchen now?)


  • Consistency. I like a thick consistency, something that doesn’t run, and this hair mask certainly lacks that. The yogurt and coconut milk help when they are at their creamiest but (as with natural ingredients) the consistency varies from batch to batch and there are plenty of times when it is more of a watery consistency.

Who It’s For

I think that this hair mask goes for all hair types and each of us can benefit from incorporating such into our regular hair regimes. The brilliant part of this mask is that it does not have a specific person in mind and instead wants to gift each user with healthy results. This mask is great for damaged hair that needs reversing, healthy hair that wants to remain that way, and any hair in between.


This is the best homemade hair mask because it acts as an almighty shelter for the each strand and such a protection is what all healthy hair needs. This mix makes my hair so vibrant and soft, and in regularly using this I have seen my hair come to life in a spectacular way. Regardless of where you are in your own hair journey (hair care regime) using this mix will help you achieve a healthy mane to the maximum effect.

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6 comments on “Best Homemade Hair Mask for Natural Hair- This Mask is a Gamechanger

  1. I like this because I am always trying to find ways to hydrate my daughter’s hair. This seems like a very simple process, especially using products that I already have at home. I will definitely give it a try.

    1. Hi Phyllis, thanks for reading. This is definitely a great mask to add to your daughter’s hair regularly. Do you know what scalp- type she has? I have another post here where you can check and also can use these natural ingredients to promote hair hydration 🙂

  2. This looks fantastic! You mentioned that too much protein is no good for the hair though, could this mask be made without the egg to avoid that?

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