My Top bareMinerals Products

Hello divas!

Sooooo bareMinerals is my one! I simply love the brand.

I appreciate what goes in the products, what is left out, and most importantly appreciate how the products complement my skin.

Put simply, I trust the brand. Full stop. And when it comes to my face, trust is of utmost importance!

While I’m no makeup connoisseur by any means, I know when I’ve found a hero among natural products, and that’s why I can faithfully say that the three on this list are nothing short of winners baby!

I’ve tried many from the bareMinerals line but my top 1’s are hands down the best bareMinerals products that I have ever tried to date. Oooosh.

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Complexion Rescue

This stuff is just beautiful! The sheerness of it, the coverage, and the way it looks sooo similar to when I only apply my moisturizer, is magnificent!

I have never #everever used a “foundation” as bombdiggidy as this one.

What I love

  • the finish
  • how it doesn’t rub off on clothes once dry
  • how my face looks creamy
  • the light coverage– I still like my own skin to be showcased!
  • how you only need a little
  • the way it is easy to apply
  • how it doubles as a moisturizer and sheer foundation

LEFT photo is no makeup and RIGHT photo is with Complexion Rescue


Mascara is the worst, right?! Ok well it does totally make our eyes pop and really does a lot for enhancing our already beautiful face, but for me it has always been a nightmare!

It either irritates my eyes, smudges off easily, clumps, or takes half of my lashes off each time I remove!

Not gonna lie, since sometime in 2017 I had given up on mascara.

Because I also gave up false lashes around the same time and also because I wasn’t having the best luck with magnetic lashes, my already sm/m eyes had no extra boost any time that I opted for a little beauty enhancement.

That all changed with Lashtopia because omgOMG this stuff is pure joy!

What I love

  • looks natural
  • comes on easy
  • washes off with warm water
  • stays on all day
  • non-irritating
  • doesn’t smudge
  • great brush
  • no clumps

LEFT photo is with no makeup and RIGHT photo is with Complexion Rescue + Lashtopia


Warmth is just one of those things… makes me feel, well warm inside!

I’ve been using this product for years and I can’t see myself ever reaching for anything else when needing some cheek color.

Warmth is a big one. Huge! Even though all three products are amazing, Warmth is the one that I 100% wear anytime that I wear makeup.

I don’t always throw on the complexion rescue nor the mascara but if I’m wearing makeup you best believe I gots some cheeky warmth!

What I love

  • how it just makes a face
  • makes me look polished
  • looks natural
  • warms my face
  • makes me look sunkissed
  • lasts long
  • can blend with fingers easily

LEFT photo is with no makeup, RIGHT photo is with Complexion Rescue + Lashtopia + Warmth

Where to Buy

The best place is at an actual bareMinerals counter, their website or on Amazon. Never ebay as there are all kinds of shenanigans going on with certain suspect sellers on there!

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The End Point

So that is that. My Top 3 bareMinerals products are such because they tick all the boxes. I love simple makeup that doesn’t cover my face but enhances my beauty.

All three of these beautiful products do just that and I am super happy to have discovered them!

  • What are your favorite bareMinerals products? Is there a different natural beauty brand we should know about? Fill your girl in!
  • Get your own of the Warmth
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  • Take care of your Beauty, Judy!
  • Love ya’s ?

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