Bosom Beauty Breast Pump How to Choose the Size!

Hi dears,

How are you keeping? Quarantined in yet? Sick of the new C word? Well good! Because this post will take you away from isolation thoughts and submerge you deep into the bosom of 2 of your best friends… your boobieJudy’s!

This isolation malarkey is the perfect time to focus on your boobie goals, annnnd if you haven’t got the Bosom Beauty yet then go forth my sis and get you one!

BUT determine how to get the correct sizing first to save you trouble on trouble on trouble.

As discussed in the vid below, I had major sizing issues as I had no one to lead me down the righteous path. But you, dear ones, have good ole HNLH to protect you and your girls from harm.

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The Three Buying Methods

There are x3 buying methods that you can choose from, though I caution you to use only 1 and 2!

#1 Email and Ask

  1. Measure your bust, under bust and over bust
  2. Email
  3. Give them your measurements and ask them what size they recommend
  4. Ask them to put in the order for you and be sure to tell them you would like to use Manika-Nia’s code for a discount

Emailing the company first is a great option! You are able to ask any questions you might have and ask their professional opinion based on your measurements.

You are also able to give your full measurements which isn’t something we can do with the other methods on the list.

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#2 Buy 2 in 1

  1. Measure your bust
  2. Have a look at the sizing chart on
  3. Purchase the size it tells you based on the chart alongside extra cups in a size higher eg if you measure at a L you will buy the full system in L + XL cups!
  4. Use ManikaNia on checkout for a discount
  5. You could save money in doing so as when your breasts graduate to the next size, you avoid the need to pay more on singular cups!

This option is fab! The whole goal for NBE is to reach our desires! With growth as one of the goals, choosing this option saves money in the long run. If you are a small and aiming for growth, then eventually you will need to get medium cones anyway.

A small system costs $175 and medium cones cost $80 but a small system + medium cones cost $200. That’s $65 savings! Uh yesssss please!

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#3 Go a Size Higher

  1. Measure your bust
  2. Have a look at the sizing chart on
  3. Whatever it tells you, go higher!
  4. Use ManikaNia on checkout for a discount

For me the sizing chart on the site was a little off. I went with a Large because I was measuring at a C– as the site suggested, but they were far too small!

If I had gone a size up I would have been fine and wouldn’t have had the need to use my NB cups with my BB control unit.

My experience also would have been smoother if I had just reached out to Mark of BB before taking the plunge and having an email consultation before the buy. This is why method 1 and 2 are the only ones that I recommend!

I do understand the issue with patience as it is something I definitely need a crash course in. Sometimes waiting for a response seems like an eternity when your trigger-finger is on the online-shopping-buy-button!

For any of you out there that are patience-illiterate like me and that also don’t want to go for the 2-in-1 option, there is always option 3. I don’t think it hurts to go higher BUT to avoid all missteps– incorrect sizing pain, returns…– I would opt out of this buying option!

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Your Favorite Show is On

That’s the Tee Sis

And that’s the tee sis! Getting the right size for your BB is vital! And now that you know the ancient ways it is time to become a licensed BosomBeaut!

  • What method did you use? Let us know by commenting below
  • Get your own BB here and use ManikaNia on checkout for your discount!
  • Use this wind down time to make all your boobie dreams come true!
  • Take care of you.
  • Love ya’s?



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