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Hi my NBE sisters!,

Thank you so much for being here with us today! You are literally the most amazing being ever!

This post is legit important. And when we practice the wisdom imparted, we will inevitably gain the most beautiful set of natural breasts imaginable… and all through the power of words and our mind.body.spirit.

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What is an Affirmation?

  1. the action or process of affirming something
  2. emotional support or encouragement

Positive Affirmation:

  1. positive phrases which you repeat to yourself which describe how you want to be

I love the way you look. You are perfect. You are immensely healthy and beautiful. Statements like these are potent words, magic spells, if you will! Statements like the above are positive affirmations!

Why Positive Affirmations are Important

Affirmations are symbols of power. They are a sure fire way to manifest our reality quicker.

They signal something to our brain, then our brain emits that energy to the ether, the universe then matches the vibration, thus in turn making the words true.

Affirmations are a tool that we use daily in our self-talk. Unfortunately, the mass majority of us affirm in the negative. I hate the way I look; I’ll never get that raise; I don’t feel well. And unfortunately such becomes the mass majority’s reality.

Yet, as is the beauty of humanity, we also have the capability to positively affirm. When we consistently tell our physical selves that we are enough, whole, healthy, and beautiful, we mold that reality, become that person, and ultimately live that life.

Positive Affirmations are everything! We affirm anyway soooooo, we might as well be conscious of our affirmations and do it on high-functioning vibratory level.

When we do this, we are destined for a beautiful and joyous life.

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How it Works for Natural Breast Enhancement

For me, I use PAs in all aspects of my life. From creativity to career, beauty, and health. I’ve seen some incredible things from the implementation of daily positive affirmations, and the enhancement of my natural breasts are really no different.

To really bring in NBE it’s about believing it. It’s about honoring our girls so much that they believe it toooooooo!

Our brains are totally placebo’s! It is just how we work. The mind is linked to the body which is linked to the spirit which is linked to the universe aka the world we live in.

Tell your girls repeatedly that they are beautiful and full and the more they become just that.

While I massage I tell my girls how much I love them; how perfect they already are and how grateful I am to have them.

Like other aspects of life, when we fuel our girls in this way, the universe works to match that charge and more and more the girls mirror the image of our mind’s eye! Honestly, it’s incredible.

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How to Do it

Watch our detailed vid to see the PAs in action!

Usable Formulations

I include both gratitude and affirmations in the statements that I say to the girls. I mostly say these in the mind but when I’m alone I tell it to them aloud! Here are some sentences that I like to use:

  • Thank you so much for being part of my body
  • You are so perfect
  • I love the way you look
  • You are healthy in and out
  • Wow you’ve evened out nicely and look better than I’ve ever seen
  • You are so shapely
  • I love our cleavage
  • Your bounce is everything, sis!
  • The fullness looks absolutely stunning in dresses and tops

The NBE Challenge

If you, too, are on an NBE journey then your challenge this week is to draft up a script for your girls to bring about the beauty that you want to see in them. We can try so many systems, programs, creams and massage techniques, but to fully sustain our beautiful breasts, we need to be affirming their health and beauty to them!

Remember to:

  1. feed them with love through gratitude/appreciation
  2. imagine what it will be like to achieve your goal
  3. affirm daily and wait for the universe to deliver!

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Your Turn

What is your favorite acts of self-love to your girls? Give us the tee, sis!

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