The Best Ingredient for Curly Hair- You’ll Need Nothing Else!

Hey curly girl.. it’s your world! (bonus point if you know what song I am channeling)

Soooo… here’s the T: Every single one of us who don’t have straight hair have one essential thing in common ?… and it ain’t our unique hair hunni.

While it is true that we all have many different textures and patterns, and it is also true that there is no one-size-fits-all product, there is one ingredient that is magic for every single one of us ?.

This all-powerful ingredient is the fundamental truth for all curlies!

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Condish is crucial.. say it with me: CRUCIAL for the non-naturally-straight-haired diva! This is true whether we have curls, coils, zig-zags or waves.

The creamy substance is necessary for keeping our hair healthy, hydrated and beautiful; and no matter what our hair routine consists of, it will always fail without conditioner. Trust.

The Scientifics

So our scalp is amazing right?

We literally wouldn’t have hair without it, and like everything else involved in the inner-workings of our physical vessel, the scalp plays a vital role in the health of our hair.

The scalpy scalp produces natural sebum and oils to lubricate the hair, thus protecting our mane from the elements. Neat, right?

BUT the less straight the hair, the harder it is for the oils to make their way down the length of the hair.

AND when our hair is not protected by the oils, our hair is more susceptible to damage due to dryness.

For those of us in the curly-coily zone, our hair is thirsty by default, making for a huge problem if we don’t satiate our mane.

For the non-straight hair sisters, we have these microscopic holes that are alwaysALWAYS jonesing for a drink! Whenever our hair isn’t properly quenched, it reaches out to the air in the hopes of soaking up as much of the water that it can. Clever, right?

BUT as clever as our keratin-licious locks are, every time they follow their evolutionary track in this way, they also catapult us straight into frizz-town.

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What Conditioner Does

Now here’s where the magic comes in.

All the moisture that we could ever give our hair comes from only one source: that life-saving-water.

Yet when all that water evaporates, so too does all the moisture! Unless, of course, we take action with a botanical conditionater.

When our hair is at maximum moisture levels, ie when it is wetwet, AND when we apply a botanical conditioner, the conditioner fills all of those thirsty holes thus preventing the hair from seeking water from the air and thus preventing bad hair days! Uhhh yessss gawd.

The condish provides our hair with everything needed to be satiated and when it is satiated it blossoms like the beautiful inflorescence it is.

If you remember nothing else, remember this: conditioner is the base and secret for every single head of amazing curly hair.

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The Best Conditioner to Use

For all conditioner, botanical is always best, meaning plant-derived and free from no-no’s.

You want a conditioner that’s first ingredient is water (aqua) and that has an ingredients-list that makes you smile. All you natural-living lovers will know when you’ve found the one because it will just feel right to your spirit.

I like to use Boucleme’s conditioner and find that ever since switching exclusively to this brand, my hair reaches and maintains high levels of moisture throughout the week. The photo of me is day 6 hair!

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The Best Way to Apply and How Long to Leave-in

The best way is to use on really wet hair. I personally do not rinse out my conditioner as my hair needs it to remain happy for the duration of the week.

Those whose curl pattern falls between 2b-2c often find normal conditioner too heavy to leave-in. Sooooo if you have more of a 2-type then it might  be best to use a leave-in made specifically with your pattern in mind.

For those of us between 3-4 I think leaving in our favorite conditioner is a brilliant route to take. When the right condish is utilized the hair is always just right.

My Conditioner Routine

My routine happens weekly and my curls are pretty much maintained for the full 7 days.

  1. With JBC oil I massage my scalp for about 15-30 minutes either the day before or a few hours before step 2
  2. I mix in one egg, Boucleme conditioner, henna powder, ACV, Olive Oil and sometimes honey and saturate my hair before covering with cling film; I leave this in while I do my Sunday-House-Clean (1hr)
  3. Once in the shower I rinse the deep conditioner out with cool water (so as not to cook the egg!)
  4. I put my conditioner on the ends and then wash the scalp with a probiotic bar of soap and leave this in while I wash my body
  5. I cleanse the scalp more with my Boucleme cleanser then rinse all out
  6. Then I split my hair in two sections right down the middle and apply about 5 pumps of conditioner to each section
  7. I finger comb both sides and once detangled, lightly douse the roots with water
  8. Finally I flip forward, hunched over, and apply more condish in praying hands fashion; if using a styler: Boucleme Curl Defining Gel I mix it with my condish and apply using the praying hands method
  9. I plop my hair and leave the shower to do my skincare routine
  10. I use a bit of jojoba oil and finish with diffusing with my Dyson dryer


Before including conditioner as a base, my hair didn’t fully cooperate with me.

I thought the secret to great curly hair was in fancy products and didn’t really take the time to listen to what my curls were telling me: I’m thirsty!

Now, though, my hair can last pretty much a full week, remaining soft and defined and it is because of conditioner’s magic ?.. alakazam baby!

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