How to Apply Shea Butter the Proper Way

Hiii my silky sisters!!

Today is all about Shea on the face and the proper way to apply it!

Applying Shea Butter properly and regularly can:

  • Maximize moisture
  • Smooth out dryness + flakiness 
  • Give a beautiful finish
  • Improve complexion
  • Soften skin
  • AND much more!

BUT we mustest understand the proper way to apply it to get the most out of this most perfect of butters!

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The Proper Way to Apply Shea

Step 1: Put your Hair UP and out of the Way

I recommend a messy bun or wrapping in a satin/silk scarf and NOT doing a pineapple because (1) the ends can drape over the face which may get shea on the hair and (2) a pineapple might ruin a full-face-shea application!

*Tip* chopsticks are incredible apparatuses for curly/textured-hair-havers as it prevents tangles and breakage.

Step 2: Take ALL Makeup off

You’ll need a clean slate to apply shea properly.

*Tip* A money-saver!: use coconut oil! It’s cheap, lasts forever, and is actually quite good for the skin. THOUGH if your skin is sensitive and tends to break out from oil based ingredients, I recommend just using coconut oil for your lips and any eye makeup, then using a wet reusable cotton pad to take off any other makeup you have on!

Step 3: WET your Face

Start. With. Water!

Shea and any other emollients work best with hydration, which comes from…? WATER!

Before applying shea, splash the face with water OR use a spray bottle with water/pure rose water.

Allow the water beads to sit on your face for about 20 seconds before going to the next step. 

Using water enables the shea to sink in to the skin and maximizes the moisture levels of the face to an extraordinary degree.

Step 4: Apply that SHEA 

Use a tea spoon or your finger and use about a half teaspoon of shea.

Rub your hands together until the shea almost becomes oil, melting between the warmth of your hands.

Apply in upwards motions on your face with the palms of your hands and really massage it in! 

*Tip* NEVER pull your face down! Upwards motions always!, as that is how we remain youthful and age-defying!

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Shea All-a That

My  daily#skincareroutine consists of:

  1. face rinse/wash
  2. rose water rub
  3. vitamin e oil on the lips
  4. bepanthen on the eyebrows
  5. apricot oil under the eyes
  6. Weleda Skin Food on entire face
  7. face roll with jade and quartz roller

BUT shea butter is my secret weapon!

On days where I am not applying makeup, days where my skin is feeling/looking dry, and days where I don’t do my full routine, my go-to is always shea butter and it never lets me down!

Shea is the one ingredient that I always feel safe using and I thank the skingods for this butta’ because it keeps the MoneyMaker in bidness henni! 

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Extra Tips + Which SHEA to Buy

Many folks ask me Q’s like:

  1. “isn’t it greasy?”
  2. “Can you leave the house with just butter on?”
  3. “Do you wash it off after applying?”

Lol. Oh LOL. LOL. NO!

For most skin types, shea butter will go deep, sinking into the skin and protecting it rather than sitting on the face until it is removed, meaning… it can TOTES be left on your face! But it is all about understanding your skin-type and what you can do for your specific derm.

    • For oily skin types, you don’t want to enhance any oil, so a great technique to follow is to ensure that you do not use too much, rub in completely, and blot dry with a paper towel
      • Another great option is to use shea butter solely at night so when you wake up your skin is super refreshed!
    • To limit any greasy feels you can also splash your face with some water AFTER applying shea and follow up with blotting with a paper towel
    • Using paper towels are a great idea because they are hypoallergenic, remove excess product and give a stunning finish
    • You can use the ivory or yellow shea but just ensure that whichever you opt for, you choose one that has as least processing as possible!
    • Last tip is to ROLL your skin with a skin roller after applying shea as it gives it a beautiful massage, simulates the skin, and ensures the shea sinks in faster!

It’s That Time Again…

And Away SHE Blows

There you have it my beautiful people! The proper way to apply shea has now been disseminated to you, so go forth and get yo’ shea on! If you remember nothing else today, remember this: the more you take care of your skin, the more beautiful you’ll be! That, my friends, is just #facts! 

  • Do you use shea already and have you been using it the proper way? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Take care of your skin fa’ eva’ and fa’ always!
  • Treat yo’self!
  • Love ya’s  ?

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