My Elite Body Sculpture Consultation

Hey lovely you!

Welcome to a special in the NBE-talks world! Today I want to disseminate my body sculpt (adding fat to your breasts!) consultation with Elite Body Sculpture  and give you my thoughts on the procedure + if and when I am gonna get it DONE!

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Discovering Body Sculpt

I don’t actually remember:

  • who told me
  • where I discovered it
  • NOR what cosmos were in play

BUT when I first saw the body sculpt video on YouTube brought to us by Harper’s Bazaar (below), I became slightly obsessed with having the procedure.

The lady in the video is awake the entire time, doesn’t seem to be in any pain, and the end results are actually quite remarkable. 

As a NBEr (Natural Breast Enhancer), I found this video quite interesting and it incited my passion to get it straight away as soon as I had the dough!

Even though it IS a procedure, I figure that since it’s my own body fat being put into my body fat, that it still falls under the realm of natural. 

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Going Through with it

The price is quite high…. Like $10,000 and upwards range ? so I put a pin in it with a ‘one day when I have enough money’ stamp.

Buutt over quarantine, as you do, sitting in the gaff:

  • thinking about self-improvement 
  • saving tons of  moolah

I decided to book a consultation with Elite Body Sculpture and work out if and when I could get it done.

A rep called me via an app (which was handy) to discuss the procedure, pricing, answer any questions I had, and book me in when the clinic opened again.

She was lovely to speak to and gave me all of her time, which I appreciated.

BUT, after talking with her, my entire opinion and view about the procedure changed ?. 

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When I’m Getting it

Probably never ?. There were three big reasons that reversed my obsession and unfortsh™ I don’t think this route is for ya’ girl!

Reasons for the Change of Heart

Inability to Breastfeed

I do hope to be a mama on this earth walk one day and I also really want and hope to be able to breastfeed my child.

Sooooo when the consultant told me I might not be able to breastfeed, it really gave me pausePAUSE.

I suppose I could get it done after I finish having children but… it just seems like a complete waste to wait that long + who even knows when that long will be!?

Substantial Cost

The cost is actually WAYYYYYY more than a silicone breast augmentation and that kinda sucks.

With a breast augmentation there is a chance of sickness, of course, but with a sculpt there is a chance of losing some of the work done.

So I’m paying way more for what exactly? ?

I know that a sculpt consists of taking fat from other areas and I assume the price tag is to facilitate the full procedure BUT in weighing the options this pushed me closer and closer to a nah.

The rep did offer me a lower rate of about $9000, and said a payment plan could be worked out of half before and half on arrival (something like that) but it still seemed like a lot!


Finally the risks!

I know there are risks with any procedure, even down to dental work, but as I was already closer to no, the mention of potential blood clots really and truly pushed me over the edge.

When I divulged to my total BFF-cousin about my obsession and want for this procedure, she said she was all for any woman doing exactly what they wanted to feel their god-self!

BUT she also asked me if I did my research on the risks…

…and I hadn’t really!

I was obsessed with the procedure solely from that ONE Harper’s Bazaar video that I watched a handful of times.

During the consultation, aside from wanting to know about the ability to breastfeed, I really wanted to know if there were any possibilities for blood clotting… which just seemed super un-fun!

I asked, hoping to be told that it’s quite rare or that it’s not something to normally worry about, but Janet definitely did not allay my fears.

She was very honest and did say there’s a possibility for blood clots as with any procedure. That was the third indicator that the procedure just wouldn’t be for me. 

AND after three strikes, I decided to just go back to my other NBE trials… and errors. 

If You’re Still Interested, Though 

Still, if you have the money and you decide to go forward with it, some things that you might find helpful are outlined below!

  • An Overjoyed Patient

The rep told me that she, herself, got the procedure done and is EXTREMELY happy with it.

In fact, she said that it was the best decision that she has ever made in her life, which is always something positive to hear.

She does have children already and and she doesn’t plan on having anymore, so again, its something to note down if you are a prospective mother who wants to breastfeed!

It would have been slightly different if she told me that she was able to breastfeed after having the procedure but as it stands I have no word-of-mouth knowledge of anyone who was able to breast feed after a sculpt, so if you want this, have that in mind!

  • The pain after the procedure

The rep also mentioned that the pain she felt was more from the area the fat was taken from, i.e. her tummy area, and not the breasts themselves.

  • How much you lose and keep

Another notable thing she said is that you could lose about 30% of the fat BUT not to worry because the doctors take that into account and normally put an extra 30 in!

  • A sculpt is separate from fat transfer

Lastly, body sculpting is different from fat transfers in that you’re awake the entire time and the recovery time after is meant to be quick.

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Your Show is On

The Final Thoughts

Those are some highlights to keep in mind if you do decide to go forward with this procedure.

I do still think it’s a fabulous solution for anyone who doesn’t want artificial-ness in their body, and is happy to go through despite cost and risks. With any procedure there are warnings and complications that could happen so, if you are going to be come a sculpted gal, just make sure to do your research and go with your heart!

As for me it is…Back to the NBE Drawing board!

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  • Take care of your girls as always
  • Pray for my girls ?? (yes I know these hands are two high-fiving people but still!) 
  • Treat yo’self! 
  • Love ya to bits ?

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