New Bosom Beauty Pump Control Unit Review

Helloooo beauts,

Welcome to another edition in the NBE series! Today is all about the New BB (Bosom Beauty) Control unit, packed with the INs and OUTs of the new unit and whether its #worthit. 

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New Unit VS Old Unit

The new unit fully replaces the old one! While I will discuss similarities and differences between the two, please note that as it stands, if you do not currently own the old unit, when buying a BB product, the only option is for the new one.


They each have 9 levels, 4 buttons, a port for the tubing and another port for charging.

The Differences 

Most obviously, the two units look extremely different. The new one is bigger, measuring at 4 x 4 x 2.5″ compared to the old unit which is 3.5 x 3.5 x 2″.

Each unit is a different color with the old being fully green and the new, blue with black screen on the face. Most notably, the boost button is now red instead of orange… AND is not a boost button anymore!

Both old and new have four buttons BUT on the newer unit, the buttons are more seamless and function closer to touchscreen than protruding buttons.  

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What the New One Can Do

The four buttons of the new are:

  1. power
  2. change/red
  3. up
  4. down

BUT unlike the old orange button, which gave a five-minute boost, the new button is for changing between the different settings. .. Oh yeah, the new one has x3 different settings!

1. Stimulus

This setting stimulates the breasts with short bursts. It’s more similar to the boost on the old unit, though not as strong.

2. Massage 

This is the lightest of all the settings, even when it’s on the highest level! For me, it feels like the tiniest bit of air is being pushed in and out and I don’t see myself using this much!

3. Pump 

Pump is my absolute FAVE of all the settings because it has the strongest pull and feels the most effective. It gives a big pull and a big release.

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The Good

  • I haven’t had a problem with heating in the new unit

Overheating was not a massive problem with my old unit. BUT if I wore the BB for an extended period of time, I did notice that the it would warm up and the new one, so far, doesn’t have this problem, which seems like a design improvement.

  • My breast doesn’t have that tingling feeling after use

All those who’ve been following my journey for quite some time know that a problem I had with the old BB is a tingling feeling that would occur if I wore it for too long. Because the new unit doesn’t have as strong of a pull, my breast doesn’t get that goes-right-through-me feeling, which I love! The new unit actually feels like an enjoyable massage which I will never say no to!

  • The company listened to real-life users

Many bosom beauts complained of the BB unit being too strong! The company seemed to really take this into consideration because the new unit, even though it has the same amount of levels, has a noticeably weaker pull. I personally prefer a stronger pull but I do love any company who has the back of their consumer.

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The Bad

  • Power off means suction off

With the old unit, there would still be suction even after the 30 minutes was up. I was able to allow my breasts to sit in the cups for a reasonable amount of time, and I loved that! The new one just doesn’t operate this way as it just loses suction the moment 30 minutes are up. This means sleeping with it is totes out!

  • Suction is lost when changing between settings

You get a nice pump going and press the red button and wacko… suction gone!

  • Sensitive buttons

We must be careful as the slightest touch can power off the machine while pumping! This means suction loss straight away!

  • The settings always revert back to 1 or 6!

With the old BB, if I finished at level 6 and it shut off at 30 minutes, it would go back to level 6 after two minutes of being turned on. With the new unit, massage always starts from level 1, pump and stimulus start from level 6. SO even if you increase the level to 9 they will always revert back when switching between them.

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My Thoughts

In the NBE via pumping world many brands try to compete, BUT in my humble opinion and through my experience, no products are better than that of the Noogleberry (manual) and the Bosom Beauty (electronic). So if you are interested in an electronic model then I would definitely opt in to Bosom Beauty.

BUT, I will also say, that if you are already an old-timer Bosom Beaut, I would stick with the old unit UNLESS you are interested in trying out different settings.

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Your Show is On

Anddd Tea Spilled

So there’s my take on the new unit! I am looking forward to exploring the new unit more and of course am hoping that it helps me reach my ultimate #boobiegoals.. only time will tell and we shall see! Until then:

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  • Do you have a favorite setting on the BB? Let you sisters know in the comments!
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  • Take care of your girls as always!
  • Treat yo’self! 
  • Love ya’s ?

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